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Infrastructure as code for containerized builds on Jenkins pipelines

May 19, 10:00 AM CEST and 2:00 PM EDT

The increasing complexity of embedded codebases and development environments forces organizations to modernize their infrastructure towards automated CI/CD workflows with toolchains that support containerization. In an infrastructure-as-code scenario, the whole environment can be automatically deployed.

Join this webinar to explore in practice how to work with the containerized IAR Build Tools and Jenkins Pipelines in effective DevOps workflows.

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Webinar on-demand

Boost your daily software development cycle

Are you making use of parallel build and parallel analysis for faster build and code analysis times? What about using pre-build libraries and structuring your project for better efficiency? Do you know how to enforce the right C subset of the programming language and generate reports to show compliance to the standards?

Watch this webinar and learn how you can shorten your development cycle by using the right tools the right way.

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Developing bare-metal applications based on 64-bit RISC-V cores

For many smart applications, using an Embedded Linux OS would be an overkill and deliver less performance. In this session, we will cover the elements of creating a bare-metal application from scratch for RV64 (64-bit) RISC-V cores. We will focus on the initial setup and configuration, startup, memory mapping, and tune the speed optimizations for bare-metal applications.

This session is recommended for all developers who are starting with RV64 (64-bit) RISC-V cores or existing adopters that want to make a technology switch as smooth and efficient as possible.

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Webinar on-demand

Setting up CMake in your cross-platform build process for Arm-based applications

CMake is a cross-platform, open-source build system generator designed to build, test, and package software. It controls the software compilation process using platform and compiler independent configuration files. It can generate project files to be used with development tools.

Learn how to master configuring CMake for using the IAR build-chain to compile source code, create libraries and build executables in arbitrary combinations. Additionally learn how to perform automated tests with CTest, an extension of CMake.

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Learn more about functional safety

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Webinar on-demand

All you need to know about design’s safety and certification efforts

If you and your team are about to start a project with safety-critical functionality or functional safety requirements, you are probably already aware that the tools you use must somehow be qualified as suitable for safety-related development. However, what does that really mean and what factors should you take into account before starting development of a safety-critical application?

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Webinar on-demand

How to master today’s functional safety development workflows

Embedded codebases are growing and Dev Ops teams are key to modernize their workflows, improve performance, and reduce the cost in their development environments. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to master the product evolution in modern development workflows focusing in functional safety designs. Learn about the latest enhancements that facilitate integration for automated builds and testing, compliance reports, and more.

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Webinar on-demand

Future proof your safety design during global chip shortage

Sign up at this webinar and learn how to move freely between architectures and develop your application without focusing too much on the underlying hardware. We will explore easy migration hints and auxiliary tools, how to best structure your application for reuse, how to enforce the required standards and quality in the source code and finally learn how to map dependencies on the various MCU’s. All you need to secure the success or your safety design.

Having the right tools and services at hand when needed helps companies to a future proof their safety design during global chip shortage – and to gain a genuine competitive edge.

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