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How to get started in no time with RISC-V embedded development

In this session, programmers will learn what’s available and how to work with a professional compiler and measure the effects of optimization in the application. In addition, developers will learn the importance of code quality and how to enforce the best practices.

Finally, in the circumstance that the product needs to be certified, the presenter will explore how to accelerate the path to achieving certification.

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Enforcing code and security hygiene in smart IoT devices

The most common way hackers break into embedded systems is by exploiting software flaws. How do we quickly find and eliminate these flaws?

One of the best ways to implement coding standards that help you find these issues is by using coding standards like MISRA C and SEI CERT C. In this session, we will introduce you to these standards and how they can quickly find and eliminate these types of exploits.

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Modern Development Workflows with IAR extensions for Visual Studio Code

In this session, you will learn how to master the product evolution in modern and scalable cross-platform development workflows focusing on the Visual Studio Code Extensions for the IAR Toolchain. 

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Tips for mitigating the software development burnout during chip shortage

Advanced development solutions usually include a comprehensive macro system that lets you automate the debugging process and simulate peripheral devices. Macros can be used in conjunction with complex breakpoints and interrupt simulation to perform various tasks without the need for real hardware.

In this webinar, we will explore tips and tricks for mitigating software development burnout and securing your embedded application's success.

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Mastering design safety for achieving ISO 26262 certification

What are the best practices and configuration of tools needed to certify your end project straightforwardly? What functionality is safe to use, and how can that be reflected and addressed in your automotive application? In this session, we will tackle these questions and give you additional advice to help you manage your functional-safety project.

If you are about to start an automotive project with safety-critical functionality or functional safety requirement, you should attend this session.

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Increasing software development productivity with Arm CoreSight Debug

This webinar will focus on practical, real-world debugging to show you how to track down elusive bugs, get more debug data from your device, and plot it in the timeline using Arm CoreSight Debug and trace infrastructure. It will cover how to interpret that data so that you know what is going on inside of your application regarding performance, power consumption, and interrupt triggering instead of just guessing.

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