IAR Build Tools for Renesas RL78

Our well-known build tools in IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RL78 are available in frameworks built on Ubuntu, Red Hat or Windows. These tools offer leading code quality, outstanding optimizations for size and speed, and fast build times.


Complete build tools for Renesas RL78

The build tools include the IAR C/C++ Compiler, IAR Assembler, Linker and the command line build utility IARBuild for supporting cross platform-based frameworks for automated application build and test processes. The build tools enable large-scale deployments of critical software building and testing for automotive applications.


Flexible and high performance

Suitable for installations ranging from a few licenses on a small build server, to massive installations with several hundreds of parallel builds active at the same time.


Leading code optimizations

Complete set of build tools with leading optimization technology for creating compact and energy-efficient systems. IAR Build Tools ,and IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RL78, generate very compact code, in average about 28% less code than Renesas CCRL.


Modern, scalable workflows

Support for modern and scalable build server topologies on Ubuntu, Red Hat and Windows for CI/CD pipelines including Virtual Machines, Containers (Docker) and Self-hosted Runners.


On-demand training included

When you buy a license of IAR Build Tools for Renesas RL78, you get access to free training courses through our IAR Academy on Demand offering.

Efficient workflows

Enabled by IAR Build Tools

Today's development practices require automated processes to ensure quality, and to run builds and tests continuously. All changes, even minor ones, are merged back to the main branch or repository in a build server so they can be committed and validated in small steps to avoid the integration nightmare to guarantee that all pieces work together just before a release. Merges are done as often as possible or at least once a day.

Many companies are bringing this approach to the next level by adding automated release processes and deployment of the application at any time.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Build servers and build farms require flexible and high-performance environments. By using our build tools, you are able to use Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in cross-platform environments natively or as virtual machines or containers with high performance. This allows you to focus on the source code and not worry about time-consuming manual tasks, while errors are caught automatically.

Latest releases

We are constantly updating and refining our tools with new features, new device support and extended capabilities.

Latest release: 5.10.3

  • The Renesas RL78/G24 Flexible Application Accelerator (FAA) co-processor is supported

    • The Renesas FAA assembler is incorporated in the IAR Embedded Workbench
    • FAA assembler-generated output is linked with the IAR linker
  • Improved compliance with the CC-RL ABI specification

    Additional standard library functions and runtime routines have been implemented.
  • Program corrections

    Errors have been corrected in the compiler, linker, and in IAR C-STAT.
Read complete release notes

Version: 5.10

  • Library support for the C++17 language standard
    The toolset includes a new C++ library that supports C++17 library features. 
  • Additional GNU C language extensions
    The IAR C/C++ Compiler supports a number of new GCC-style operators, attributes and expressions in extended language mode. 
  • Iarbuild enhancements
    The iarbuild command line build utility now supports:
    • Generating a Ninja build file based on the IAR Embedded Workbench project format
    • Generating a JSON description of the Embedded Workbench project
    • More C-STAT reporting and configuration methods
  • C-STAT enhancements
    • MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1
      The static analysis tool C-STAT has extended its coverage of the MISRA C:2012 Coding Standard and now fully supports MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1. This amendment adds 14 additional rules to MISRA C:2012 with a focus on security concerns highlighted by the ISO C Secure Guidelines. Several of these address specific issues pertaining to the use of untrustworthy data, a well-known security vulnerability.
    • MISRA C:2012 Amendment 2

      The static analysis tool C-STAT has extended its coverage of the MISRA C:2012 Coding Standard and now fully supports MISRA C:2012 Amendment 2. This Amendment adds two additional rules to MISRA C:2012 and introduces support for ISO/IEC 9899:2011, commonly referred to as "C11".

    • Improved performance
      Depending on the project, the analysis can be up to 40% faster and memory consumption reduced by up to 20%, compared to the previous version of C-STAT.
  • Updated device support
    The device support files have been updated to the most recent version from Renesas.
  • Updated user documentation
    The C/C++ Development Guide has been updated to reflect the product changes.
Read complete release notes

Version 4.21

IAR Build Tools for Linux

This new product is called IAR Build Tools for Renesas RL78 and requires a separate product license. It is distributed as a Debian package for Ubuntu containing the IAR C/C++ Compiler, IAR Assembler, Linker and library tools, C-STAT, IARBuild, and runtime libraries.

RL78/G23 microcontroller group support

The RL78/G23 group of microcontrollers is now supported.

C-STAT enhancements

The static analysis tool C-STAT has extended its coverage of the SEI CERT C Coding Standard. The SEI CERT C Coding Standard's goal is to provide rules for developing safe, reliable, and secure systems in the C programming language, with support for C11 constructs. C-STAT covers all rules in the different CERT C sections listed on the CERT C wiki as of January 2020, with the exception of the API, CON, POS, and WIN sections, which are not applicable to IAR Systems products, yielding a total of 90 covered rules.

Link analysis trace information

The link analysis messages now display trace information when relevant. For checks looking for conflicting symbol names, all conflicting declarations are now listed in the trace information instead of each pair of conflicts being described in a separate message. This might lead to fewer reported messages for the same number of found issues.

Read complete release notes

Optimizing your resources

Streamlined development and test help optimize time spent developing and testing as well as license management and server utilization. Our build tools are suitable for installations ranging from a few licenses on a small build server, to massive installations with several hundreds of parallel builds active simultaneously.

Standardize on future-proof tools and services and gain a robust,
flexible and complete platform for all aspects of embedded software

By standardizing on flexible and high performance development tools, companies can benefit from improved license and cost management while improving collaboration and enhancing productivity. For engineering teams and individual engineers, there is a lot to gain from having access to an uninterrupted workflow. In addition, we provide global technical support, and flexible training programs.

On-demand webinars

Watch our recorded webinars about automated building and testing in cross-platform environments.

Continuous Integration Explained

In this session, you will learn more about Continuous Integration including the command line build tools. We will show you how these tools can help you simplify integration and maximize code quality while allowing you to do what you do best: focusing on your code.

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Setting up a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery environment

Setting up a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery environment

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Docker vs. virtual machine: what should I use for my automated builds?

In this session, you will learn the differences between Docker and virtual machines. Learn what fits best your automated build environment.

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Quick start to Continuous Integration with self-hosted runners

In this session, you will learn how self-hosted runners could be used as an alternative in your Continuous Integration environment.

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