We are using IAR Embedded Workbench because it is lightweight, provides high reliability, and is an IDE that understands developers.


VICTEK using IAR Embedded Workbench for public bicycle system

VICTEK's information and communication technology has been implemented at Seoul Bicycle-Talungi, a public bicycle service system which complements the existing public transportation system and is now in the spotlight as a means of transport that is environmental friendly and promotes a popular lifestyle.

VICTEK is offering highly reliable information surveillance systems to accurately utilize various signals such as pin control and communication control with high-performance components, also known as FPGAs, which are suitable for tracking and managing public bicycle systems. IAR Embedded Workbench has been used for all system design that connects firmware, servers and network stages. Developers face the challenge of reducing power consumption in order to maintain periodic communication between the server and the terminal (bicycle).

When building a low-power IoT system, it is important to have high-quality code without defects. This will make it possible to integrate the optimized application and terminal network server into the complete system environment while limiting the risk of opening the system up for hacking.



For signal processing of very critical applications, we need to utilize a number of resources. We are using IAR Embedded Workbench in various verification fields related to several processing parts such as MCU, complex communication design with FPGA, and radio processing signal.

-VICTEK Engineer

In the firmware environment developed this way, VICTEK used IAR Embedded Workbench to verify the code and secure reliability. The development time could be significantly shortened by using IAR Embedded Workbench to verify the connection between the Wi-Fi module, the power supply and the lock, the communication control and the system interface.

The ability to dramatically reduce the amount of code while providing a fast compilation performance, static and dynamic code analysis, and an environment for reusing code is the first criteria for developers to choose a compiler.


In the case of a terminal (bike), it consumes power while periodically communicating with the server. MCUs applied to low-power IoT systems must be designed to use only minimal power. We were able to control it easily using IAR Embedded Workbench.

-VICTEK Engineer

For VICTEK, it is important to choose a compiler that provides an entire integrated development environment. This makes the development process more efficient and developers can shorten their development time, which is a key factor in ensuring the stability of application consistently.


The key thing to consider when choosing a tool is that it is a lightweight and very easy to use compilation environment. Debug environments with various devices should also be easy to build. We are enjoying various benefits while utilizing IAR Systems' solutions in the area of ​​electrical control, including claim cost, automatic modules and power parts.

- VICTEK Engineer