The work of the Board

Responsibilities of the Board

The Board of IAR Systems has adopted rules of procedure that contain instructions for the division of responsibilities between the Board and CEO and the framework for financial reporting. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that IAR Systems Group's organization is suitably structured so that the company's accounting, cash management and other financial circumstances can be controlled satisfactorily. The Board continuously monitors the Group's financial situation. Before calling a meeting of the Board, the Board Chairman, in consultation with the CEO, prepares an agenda and determines the necessary decision data and documentation for the business at hand. The Board is called to attend a statutory meeting following the AGM and at least five scheduled meetings per year. Four of the scheduled meetings coincide with the dates for publication of external financial reports. The fifth scheduled meeting is held in December and is devoted primarily to a review of the budget and business plan.

At the Board meeting where the annual accounts are presented, the auditors participate in order report their observations from the audit. Aside from scheduled meetings, the Board is called to additional meetings as needed. The Board supervises the work of the CEO and ensures that the organization is suitably structured. The Board adopts the budgets and annual financial statements of the Parent Company and the Group and continuously monitors their development during the year.


The Chairman oversees the work of the Board and is responsible for ensuring that its members are continuously provided with the information required to carry out their duties with consistently high quality and in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act. The Chairman represents the company in matters related to the shareholders.

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