IAR Educational License

IAR aims to help educators to incorporate industry-standard tools and resources into their curriculum and thereby preparing students for future careers in the design and development of embedded systems. By getting hands-on experience with professional-grade software we hope that students will improve their skills and employability in the competitive job market.


What’s included in the IAR Educational License?

  • Time limited Network license for Embedded Workbench for either MSP430, AVR, Arm, or RISC-V.
  • C-STAT and C-RUN included (if available for the chosen architecture).
  • Tutor gets access to IAR Embedded Academy; our self-service training portal with online courses in embedded systems development.


Who is the IAR Educational License for?

The IAR Educational License is intended for tutors and students in the embedded development field for educational, non-commercial purposes.


Who can apply for the IAR Educational License?

Tutors/Educators or course administrators at universities and other higher learning institutes can apply by filling out the form below.

Support and Update Agreement is not included with this license which limits your possibility for technical support and to use other versions than the one you will be provided. We will deliver the latest product version.


Terms of Delivery: Electronic delivery

License validity period: The license validity period will cover the full above mentioned course period. For a new course, a new application needs to be handed in.

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