IAR Unveils an Updated Brand and Name Change

As the world leader in software and services for embedded development and embedded security, we are proud to present our updated brand, with a new logo and visual identity reflecting the company’s mission — to enable our customers to create and secure the products of today and the innovations of tomorrow.

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Updated Logo

The refreshed logo’s modern look captures the focus on future innovations and the human experience of making our world better, safer, and agile.  Our sleek, new logo features a handwritten IAR name reflecting the people creating the embedded solutions and the humans using our solutions’ products. In essence, we connect humanity and machinery to propel humanity forward.

As the world leader in software and services for embedded development, IAR is proud to present our updated brand logo with a new visual identity reflecting our company’s mission—To enable our customers to create and secure the products of today and the innovations of tomorrow.

The bold refresh of the brand means dropping the “Systems” naming element in favor of a rejuvenated form synonymous with modern technology, advanced computing, and intelligence.   As a result, the brand name will change to IAR. 


IAR has a strong history in delivering the best engineering for the embedded technology space. During our 40 years in business, we have kept challenging and transforming what we do to deliver our customers the best software innovations and the most efficient solutions. Now we are taking the next step of our journey. As we grow as a company, our new brand reflects our will to stay young at heart, relevant and leading the way for a secure and intelligent embedded experience for every person and device on the planet.

- Richard Lind, CEO of IAR

The Core Tenets of Our New Brand

Three guiding principles define our brand tone, personality, and how we express ourselves in all verbal and written communications - Born to Engineer, Empowering Humanity, and Aspirational and Forward

These principles are a common theme in how we represent our brand, values, and commitments to be the best in the embedded technology space.

Our Comprehensive Solution for Developers

In our world, whoever builds the best and most secure code in the shortest time wins. Here are the solutions that make it possible — and together increase the productivity and innovativeness of embedded systems developers.

Download the Brand Kit

Our press kit contains logos in a variety of file formats, along with graphic guidelines. If you have any questions or need anything else, contact us.

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