The Core Tenets of Our New Brand

Three guiding principles define our brand tone, personality, and how we express ourselves in all verbal and written communications. Born to Engineer, Empowering Humanity, and Aspirational and Forward. 

Born to Engineer


Engineering is in our DNA. We are striving to pioneer innovations that allow people to think beyond their limitations and unlock limitless potential so we can create a better tomorrow.

Quality engineering coupled with our problem-solving prowess leads to productivity, efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. Through our technological advancements, we seek to empower our embedded engineers to design and build the latest and greatest technologies.

By being the thought leaders in the embedded development and security, we continuously reimagine and reinvent for tomorrow.


Empowering Humanity



A sense of wonder and enchantment is infused into everything we say, do, and create. We have always been more than just about the power and technological advancement of microcontrollers, chips, computers, and devices. Our focus is also on the human experience of making our world better, safer, and more agile.

We strive to enable the engineering community to bring the latest technologies to improve peoples’ lives. Through all the industries and technologies we touch, we empower people to not only imagine, but also see the endless possibilities to enrich human life.

Aspirational and Forward


Our aspiration and enthusiasm about the future, and what’s possible, is what energizes our organization and each one of us. We aspire to authentically shape the future of our societies through our growth mindset.

We challenge ourselves and others to aim higher and never settle. Boldness, unexpectedness, and optimism unequivocally drive us forward, inspiring new categories, tools, and technologies. As a tech company with engineering and innovation at its core, we have a responsibility to be cutting edge.


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