IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RX

IAR Embedded Workbench provides full support for devices in the RX200 and RX600 series.

the world's strongest renesas offering; entire Renesas MCU range, outstanding speed optimizations

The latest version of this product, version 2.60, adds stack usage analysis, C-SPY data trace support, support for Renesas library format, new windows for C-SPY macros, updated user documentation, and updated device support and example projects. See more in product news


Key components:

IAR Embedded Workbench IDE

  • Integrated development environment with project management tools and editor
  • Highly optimizing C and C++ compiler for RX
  • Automatic checking of MISRA C rules (MISRA-C:2004)
  • Compliant with Renesas RX ABI
  • Compliant with the ISO/IEC 9899:1999 standard
  • Configuration files for all devices in RX600 family
  • Run-time libraries
  • Relocating RX assembler
  • Linker and librarian tools
  • C-SPY® debugger with RX simulator and support for RTOS-aware debugging on hardware
  • Timeline visualizing power consumption, call stack and interrupt activity
  • Power debug support with power profiling
  • Example projects and code templates
  • User and reference guides in PDF format
  • Context-sensitive online help

Debugging system support:

  • Renesas E1 integration
  • Renesas E20 integration
  • J-LINK integration
  • C-SPY Debugger simulator
  • C-SPY Debugger plugin SDK available for 3rd party debuggers

RTOS support:

  • OSEK Run Time Interface ORTI
  • Express Logic
  • Micrium
  • FreeRTOS
  • CMX
  • embOS

The RTOS plugin installs a number of new windows in C-SPY, most importantly the task or thread list windows where task-specific breakpoints can be specified and task-specific steps executed. Different inspector windows display the contents of the internal data structures of the RTOS such as timers, queues, semaphores, resources and mailboxes.

Supported devices:

IAR Embedded Workbench supports the following devices:

GroupDeviceHW debug support
RX110R5F51101J-Link, E1/E20
RX110R5F51103J-Link, E1/E20
RX110R5F51104J-Link, E1/E20
RX110R5F51105J-Link, E1/E20
RX110R5F5110HJ-Link, E1/E20
RX110R5F5110JJ-Link, E1/E20
RX111R5F51111J-Link, E1/E20
RX111R5F51113J-Link, E1/E20
RX111R5F51114J-Link, E1/E20
RX111R5F51115J-Link, E1/E20
RX111R5F51116J-Link, E1/E20
RX111R5F51117J-Link, E1/E20
RX111R5F51118J-Link, E1/E20
RX111R5F5111JJ-Link, E1/E20
RX113R5F51135J-Link, E1/E20
RX113R5F51136J-Link, E1/E20
RX113R5F51137J-Link, E1/E20
RX113R5F51138J-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52103BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52104BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52105AJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52105BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52106AJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52106BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52107AJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52107BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52107CJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52108AJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52108BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F52108CJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F5210ABJ-Link, E1/E20
RX210R5F5210BBJ-Link, E1/E20
RX21AR5F521A6BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX21AR5F521A7BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX21AR5F521A8BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX220R5F52201BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX220R5F52203BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX220R5F52205BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX220R5F52206BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX610R5F56104J-Link, E1/E20
RX610R5F56106J-Link, E1/E20
RX610R5F56107J-Link, E1/E20
RX610R5F56108J-Link, E1/E20
RX621R5F56216J-Link, E1/E20
RX621R5F56217J-Link, E1/E20
RX621R5F56218J-Link, E1/E20
RX62GR5F562G7J-Link, E1/E20
RX62GR5F562GAJ-Link, E1/E20
RX62NR5F562N7J-Link, E1/E20
RX62NR5F562N8J-Link, E1/E20
RX62TR5F562T6J-Link, E1/E20
RX62TR5F562T7J-Link, E1/E20
RX62TR5F562TAJ-Link, E1/E20
RX630R5F56307J-Link, E1/E20
RX630R5F56308J-Link, E1/E20
RX630R5F5630AJ-Link, E1/E20
RX630R5F5630BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX630R5F5630DJ-Link, E1/E20
RX630R5F5630EJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F56316J-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F56317J-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F56318J-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631AJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631BJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631DJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631EJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631FJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631GJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631JJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631KJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631MJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631MFJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631NJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631PJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631PFJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631WJ-Link, E1/E20
RX631R5F5631YJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63NR5F563NAJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63NR5F563NBJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63NR5F563NDJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63NR5F563NEJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63NR5F563NFJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63NR5F563NKJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63NR5F563NWJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63NR5F563NYJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63TR5F563T4J-Link, E1/E20
RX63TR5F563T5J-Link, E1/E20
RX63TR5F563T6J-Link, E1/E20
RX63TR5F563TBJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63TR5F563TCJ-Link, E1/E20
RX63TR5F563TEJ-Link, E1/E20

Note: Our partners frequently release new devices and the latest ones may not be listed here. We continually add support to new devices. Please contact IAR Systems to find out whether your new device is already supported or when it will become available.