Since 1997 Razorcat developed and marketed user-friendly tools for automated testing of
embedded software for all stages of the test process. Together we support our customers
for their project success and compliance with safety standards.

TESSY is the leading tool for testing embedded software from Razorcat. TESSY automates the whole unit test cycle including regression testing for your embedded software in C/C++ on different target systems. As an easy-to-install and easy to operate testing tool TESSY guides you through the unit test workflow from the project setup through the test design and execution to the result analysis and reporting.

The IAR Build Tools and TESSY are ideal tools that are easy to configure and powerful to use.

TESSY and the build tools from IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm are fully integrated. And much more IAR Embedded Workbenches are supported, including AVR32 ,H8S, HC12  M16C, M32C, MSP430, R32C, RL78, Renesas RX, STM8, V850, 8051 and 78K0.