Secure your IoT devices with IAR and STM32 Secure Firmware Install technology

In this webinar, we will show you how the new Secure Desktop Provisioner and C-Trust use the enhanced security features of the STM32 Secure Firmware Install (SFI) technology, to help you create a fully secured working prototype of your IoT device.

The Secure Desktop Provisioner (SDP) securely provisions prototypes and low production volume of end products using an easy-to-use software tool which can automatically detect and provision STM32H7 MCUs when connected using the STM32 SFI technology.

You will learn more about 

  • Security features embedded in the STM32H753 MCU
  • How Advanced Secure Firmware Install (SFI) from ST offers a secured communication path directly into the microcontroller at the point of provisioning
  • How C-Trust enables developers to easily protect an existing or new application
  • How to take advantage of the next-generation Secure Install technologies in the security tools from IAR Systems C-Trust and Secure Desktop Provisioner
  • Practical steps to use the Secure Firmware Install (SFI) supported by IAR Systems on the STM32H753 MCU

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