Rapid development and prototyping for secure embedded applications based on Renesas RX

Secure Desktop Provisioner (SDP) is a fundamental component of secure industrial IoT applications, enabling to securely transfer secure designs to a production environment for prototypes that can fully implement the designed security features.

SDP allows developers to dynamically generate keys and “provision” these securely into the device as well as programming a cryptographically secured image of the application. This session will show you how provisioning with Secure Desktop Provisioner (SDP) in combination with the Renesas E2 Lite flash programmer is done using an easy-to-use software tool which can automatically detect and provision Renesas RX MCU’s when connected, offering a semi-automated operation, and making it possible to develop with keys and critical code being protected.

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This webinar is recommended for all developers willing to learn the quick and easy shortcut to secure development and prototyping on Renesas RX based applications.

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