Breakthrough for the Nocom Group in the USA: Logistics+ select TradeVision for information management system

Breakthrough for the Nocom Group in the USA: Logistics+ select TradeVision for information management system Stockholm, Sweden, July 7, 2000 Logistics+ operates a Routing Centre for GETS, to provide just-in-time delivery of components from all over the world, for use in the production of locomotives at several assembly lines in the USA. Logistics+ will use LogiMan as its operations information system, running over the Internet. The company will raise shipments of components for GETS directly in LogiMan, and will then be able to monitor their progress at every step along the way from suppliers - which are based predominantly in India, Russia and Poland - to final delivery at GE's production line. All information will also be visible to GETS. "The deal with Logistics Plus is an important step in our globalisation. It will give us a firm foothold on the American continent from which we can build further business", says Claes Borglin CEO of TradeVision. "TradeVision is a leading company in e-logistics. Its transaction system, LogiMan, is expanding rapidly in the world as it is being recognized as a prerequisite for successful Supply Chain Management", says Anders Jonson, Executive Officer and founder of Nocom. "A breakthrough for LogiMan in the USA will boost the whole Nocom group", he continues. LogiMan, launched by TradeVision in 1998, is now in use by 22 organisations around the world, including major names such as Deutsche Post Euro Express. TradeVision has provided EDI and Internet logistic solutions for the transport industry since its formation in 1992. Today, as a part of the Nocom Group, TradeVision offers advanced solutions for e-commerce and links over 100 airlines with over 600 agent offices throughout the world, spanning areas such as Africa, Australia, China, Hong Kong and the USA. In the second quarter of 2000 alone, a further 156 customers on four continents have joined the ever- growing network of TradeVision. TradeVision's head office is located in Stockholm, with branch offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, London and Warsaw. Nocom AB (publ) was founded in 1985 and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange Attract 40 (NOCM B). Nocom provides companies with solutions for the Internet and wireless networks. The company is a full service e-business organisation assisting customers with strategic planning, developing e- business solutions and advanced hosting. Nocom is based in Uppsala, Sweden with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), and Helsinki (Finland). The Nocom group employs over 200 persons. For further information, please contact: Claes Borglin Anders Jonson CEO, TradeVision Executive Officer, Nocom AB Tel: +46-70-582 1248 Tel: +46-708-65 5301 E-mail: E-mail: For further information visit the following web-sites:, A picture of Anders Jonson is available at ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: