Nocom's Tradevision signs contract with Cargo Center Sweden

Nocom's Tradevision signs contract with Cargo Center Sweden Cargo Center Sweden implements Tradevision's LogiMan e-logistics solution at the company's facilities at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. In year 2000, Cargo Center Sweden handled about 200.000 shipments in the terminal, and expects a five percent increase this year. "In today's global logistics, real-time and accurate information has become as crucial as the physical handling and transportation along the supply chain. Our decision to implement LogiMan for managing the exchange of information with forwarders and airlines sending shipments through Cargo Center Sweden will provide a further strong impetus to our continued efforts to enhance quality and boost efficiency in production", says Lars Keding, Cargo Center Sweden managing director. "Over the past two years Cargo Center Sweden has developed completely new terminal systems introducing bar-coding of all shipments, and new handling procedures. With LogiMan we will become pre-informed on shipments through the terminal by information received electronically from airlines and forwarders", he continues. "In a slightly longer perspective, this will produce improved deadlines for airlines and forwarders - immediately benefiting the Swedish industry, which call for minimum lead-times in logistics. We have long strived to spur forwarders to relay information on their shipments electronically to enable us to be even better positioned to handle their shipments. Now, with LogiMan we will take a big leap forward as nearly all Swedish forwarders already use Tradevision's systems. Integrating with the systems of the airlines and forwarders, we will attain the goal of a seamless service towards the industry, based on full utilization of state-of-the-art IT in supply chain management", says Lars Keding. "Cargo Center Sweden has an important role in the mature Swedish airfreight market and the cooperation will significantly enhance the ongoing process towards full electronic communication and exchange of information among the parties involved in the supply chain", says Allan Harsbo, Tradevision senior vice president sales & marketing. "Reduced lead-times, enhanced quality, and new potentials for serving the customers with updates on a real-time basis: these are some of the effects generated by LogiMan, as testified by our customers. And all benefits are eventually focussed on customer satisfaction among shippers and consignees", Allan Harsbo finishes. For further information, please contact: Claes Borglin CEO, Tradevision Phone: +46-8 508 882 01 E-mail: Allan Harsbo Senior Vice President, Tradevision Phone: +45 4046 4445 E-mail: Tradevision has provided EDI and Internet logistic solutions for the transport industry since its formation in 1992. Today, as a part of the Nocom Group, Tradevision offers advanced solutions for e-commerce and links over 100 airlines with over 600 agent offices throughout the world, spanning areas such as Africa, Australia, China, Hong Kong and the USA. Tradevision's head office is located in Stockholm, with branch offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, London, Warsaw, Riga, Frankfurt and Helsinki. Nocom AB (publ) was founded in 1985 and helps companies navigate profitably through changes in technology. We help maximize the benefit to business of having important information available on users' terms. Nocom offers solutions and services for e-business via the Internet and mobile networks. The business is based at the head office in Uppsala with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Riga, Warsaw, Frankfurt and London. Nocom has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (NOCM B) since 1999. The Group comprises about 250 employees. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: