Further cost savings for the new Nocom Group: TurnIT’s shares delisted from the Stockholm Stock Exchange May 27, 2005

TurnIT’s shares will be delisted from the Stockholm Stock Exchange May 27, 2005. The Stockholm Stock Exchange made this decision on April 25, upon the application of the Board of Directors of TurnIT. TurnIT shares have since the 16th of March been traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O List, as the company no longer fulfills the listing requirements concerning diversity of ownership. At the expiry of the latest application period of Nocom’s public offer, April 1, 2005,* Nocom had 90.7 percent of the capital and 88.3 percent of the votes in TurnIT. IAR Systems, which is also encompassed by Nocom’s offer, was delisted from the Stockholm Stock Exchange April 25, 2005. The delisting of TurnIT and IAR Systems also means that these companies cease to issue their own quarterly reports. Future reporting will take place via the parent company Nocom, beginning with May 25, when the report for the first quarter 2005 will be released. Delisting is a further important stage in the coordination of the new group. The costs for the stock exchange listing, Board of Directors remunerations and other common group functions have been able to be reduced in significant amounts. Already the achieved cost savings are calculated to an amount just over SEK 16 million on an annual basis. - We have in a short time achieved significant synergies. We are in an intensive stage where we are learning about the various businesses and their potential, says Stefan Skarin, CEO of Nocom. - Even if the subsidiaries are not integrated with each other, there exist many possibilities to jointly utilize the infrastructure and market position. We expect to develop the activities and acquire additional business opportunities in close cooperation with the subsidiaries. For more information, please contact: Stefan Skarin CEO, Nocom cell: +46 708 65 10 05 e-mail: stefan.skarin@nocom.se