All-inclusive Support and Services

Don’t worry about fighting with learning curves, issues or bugs on your own. With support from us, you’re never alone. You get help and guidance when you need it and can stay focused on your project.


What we can provide you

Wherever you are, we are here to support you in getting the most out of your IAR product.


Professional technical support

Professional technical support team with a deep understanding and knowledge of embedded programming. Many of our support engineers have previously worked as developers, knowing how challenging coding life can be. Now, they are dedicated to help you in your success.


Dedicated customer care team

Dedicated customer care team, available to assist you with your installation, licensing, shipping or administrative questions.


Immediate access to latest product features

Immediate access to latest product features, including latest MCU device support, as soon as it’s available.


Worldwide teams

Worldwide teams with local support teams all over the world, covering a number of different languages such as English, Swedish, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, C, C++, etc.


Help desk for technical consultation

Help desk for technical consultation, available through email or phone.


Online customer portal

Online customer portal to help you manage your licenses or check latest updates in an easy way.


Specified lead times and temporary workarounds

Specified lead times and temporary workarounds to enable you to continue focusing on your application.


Extensive resource library

Extensive resource library whenever you need it. Whether you are looking for technical hints and notes on solving a common issue, getting started videos or details about a specific feature, we got you covered.


Common questions and solved issues

Technical notes

Our technical notes cover the most common questions coming to our technical support team.

Explore technical notes

Team dedicated to help you

Customer care

Our customer care team is available to assist you with your installation, licensing, shipping or other administrative questions.

As a start, make sure to check out the common questions in the FAQ.

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