Mission, targets and strategy

Our mission is to bring value to organizations that develop products for embedded systems. We supply the tools and services that make embedded systems development fast, efficient and reliable. In 2018,
we acquired Secure Thingz so we could offer new ways for our customers to secure their innovations. This allowed us to further strengthen our long-standing relationships with our customers and their technology, and to enable our customers across the world to supply better products to the market more quickly while also protecting themselves against breaches and overproduction.

Strategic cornerstones
To meet these targets, IAR Systems applies a strategy
with five cornerstones:
› To offer customer value through user-friendliness,
reliability and quality.
› To develop technologically leading software for
embedded systems.
› To deepen the relationship with existing customers
by gradually expanding our range of products
and services.
› To expand our customer base through an increased
local presence worldwide.
› To actively establish close cooperation with
the most important players in the market to
create long-term customer value and a unique
market position.

Sales strategy
Our sales strategy is founded on a license-based business model in all geographical regions and all industries. In addition, the company focuses on markets which it deems to have significant potential, for example, the automotive industry and IoT. The company has global reach through its corporate headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden, and sales and support offices in Sweden, France, Japan, China, Korea, Germany and the USA. The company is also represented in another 43 countries via distributors. Through the acquisition of Secure Thingz
in 2018, we have expanded our offering to include new products and services as well as a new target group. Because security is a question of survival for many companies, responsibility for product security often rests with management or the head of security.

Product strategy
IAR Systems’ product strategy is to offer proprietary software for embedded systems development and to offer its customers technological independence in a rapidly evolving environment. For this reason, the company continuously invests in innovation and development at its Uppsala headquarters and its development office in Camarillo in the USA. IAR Systems owns the rights to all of its products and services. Product development is focused mainly on enhancement of product features and functionality as well as adaptation to increasingly demanding processors and embedded systems.

Our software is independent in relation to vendors of processors for embedded systems. Through the acquisition of Secure Thingz, we are expanding our area of expertise and adding products within security. The largest portion of this product segment is developed in Cambridge in the UK. Close cooperation takes place between all development centers to maximize experience exchange and share critical resources.