IAR Embedded Secure IP

Enabling the rapid upgrade of existing products with unique and flexible security at any point in the design, up to production and manufacturing.




Enable unique identification for both software applications and device hardware. This helps to prevent counterfeiting while also providing encryption for your manufacturing processes.


Active IP protection

Ensuring the security of your intellectual properties such as applications, libraries, and other assets by providing encryption that guarantees safe device access.

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Implementing embedded security at late-stage development

This infographic illustrates how IAR Embedded Secure IP seamlessly integrates security measures into your product development, safeguarding it from malicious attacks and cyber threats. With active IP protection and anti-cloning measures, your product is secured from the start, saving you valuable time and resources.

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IAR's Embedded Security in Visual Studio Code

Discover how IAR Embedded Secure IP enables secure provisioning and programming of your embedded systems at scale. Its compatibility with any IDE and compiler allows easy integration with your existing toolchain, such as Visual Studio Code Extensions and CMake.

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End User Benefits of IAR Embedded Secure IP


Flexible security design for late-stage development

Developers can enable security functions even after they have finished the previous development stage. They do not need to change the previous design and code.


Less memory requirements to input code

Small-footprint devices with a tiny memory is enough for developers to enable security functions.


Integration with 3rd party libraries and secure boot management

If developers already have 3rd libraries and secure boot management mechanisms, they do not need to change but directly apply security functions with IAR.


Secure manufacturing with zero-trust

Device brands can secure all programming processes even if they choose zero-trust manufacturers to execute device provisioning.


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Lock software applications onto identified devices, enabling anti-cloning

Discover how to overcome the critical challenge of cloning faced by many device brands. Join our webinar on-demand to learn how IAR solutions can help you easily implement a mechanism that ensures only authorized devices can decode programmed information using serial numbers or hardware identification. Simply sign up below and watch at your own convenience. 

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