Product portfolio

Superior technology that future-proofs customers’ product development

Since early 1983, IAR Systems has offered superior technology that future-proofs customers’ product development. Through the acquisition of Secure Thingz, we have broadened our expertise to include security solutions for embedded systems. By delivering tried-and-tested, high-quality products, we are able to help companies in a range of industries across the globe to become competitive in their respective markets.

Our products facilitate, streamline and quality-assure the development of embedded systems. We collaborate with a number of partners in many different areas to consistently provide customers with a complete solution. We always focus on and listen to customers’ needs in order to update our offering in a way that satisfies their requirements and needs.



Complete software for programming processors in embedded systems

All digital products have an embedded system controlled by one or more processors. Development tools are required to help developers program these processors so that they work correctly and fulfill their function. IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete software for programming processors in embedded systems in an efficient and quality-assured manner. The software supports 8-, 16-, 32- and 64-bit processors from the majority of processor vendors, which ensures it has a unique position in the market. Thanks to a close collaboration with processor vendors worldwide, we are also in a position to add support for new processors at an early stage.

IAR Embedded Workbench is available in over 20 different versions in order to match different types of processors. It is continually updated with improved functionality and support for new processors. In order to meet specific requirements in certain sectors, there are also versions of the software that are certified for developing systems with functional safety requirements, which is common, for example, in the automotive and medical technology industries.

The software is certified by the organization TÜV SÜD and approved in accordance with the requirements for support tools as defined in IEC 61508, the international standard for functional safety, and ISO 26262, which is used specifically within the automotive industry. IEC 61508 and other standards that originate from it are used within all relevant industries with requirements on reliability and security, such as the processing industry, the oil and gas industry, nuclear power plants, mechanical engineering and railway control systems.

The tools are also approved in accordance with the European railway standards EN 50128 and EN 50657 as well as the international standard for medical device software and software life cycle processes IEC 62304. Customers can use these thoroughly tested and documented tools to simplify and streamline the certification of their own products.

Automated workflows

Add-on products that simplify development

What all add-on products for IAR Embedded Workbench have in common is that they facilitate the work of the developer and are a natural part of the work flow. The add-on products C-STAT and C-RUN are fully integrated into IAR Embedded Workbench and enable the code to be quality-assured at an early stage. Instead of carrying out code analyses exclusively at the end of the development process, these analysis tools provide a complete code analysis naturally integrated into day-to-day work as well as full control over the code throughout the entire process.

We also offer debug probes that provide developers with advanced debugging capabilities. The probes are used to create simpler and more flexible work flows. In addition to this, we also offer IAR Visual State, a product that is used to develop state and eventdriven embedded systems and, together with IAR Embedded Workbench, permits streamlined design of applications with a complex structure – in the automotive industry, for instance. 



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Solutions for security in embedded systems

Together, IAR Systems and Secure Thingz offer possibilities for new security solutions. The companies share a vision of making security and safety accessible in an easy and sustainable manner. Using the products Embedded Trust and C-Trust, it will be easier and more efficient to implement security in embedded systems.

These products enable companies to ensure that their intellectual property is protected against overproduction and piracy, that software updates can be managed in a secure manner and that end users of the company’s products are protected against sabotage programs and data intrusion. With Embedded Trust, companies that have a security specialist, or someone with the necessary know-how, are able to set security guidelines, configurations and settings themselves, in accordance with the security policy of their company.

C-Trust is an extension of IAR Embedded Workbench that makes it possible for developers to easily prepare secure, encrypted code that automatically follows the prevailing general security guidelines. Developers are able to simply import the security guidelines established by the company. By automatically including security settings and the correct encryption in the code from the beginning, developers can focus on continuing their typical work flow. When the development and testing is complete, the code is exported and programmed into the processor in an automatically encrypted form.

This procedure also makes updating the application’s code at a later time simple and secure. We support customers throughout the entire process with the comprehensive solution Security from Inception Suite, which includes both software and security services. The software included supports some of the most commonly used processors in the market and several different processors with embedded security. The offering includes the development environment IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm, the security tools Embedded Trust and C-Trust, the analysis tool C-STAT and a service offering including technical support, training and consulting services within security. In 2020, we expanded this offering to include the product Secure Desktop Provisioner, which makes it easy to securely program products by giving each device a unique identity.

Through this offering, we provide our customers with an opportunity to develop and expand the competence that they require in order to implement security in their operations at an early stage. Our comprehensive solution is available at different levels depending on the needs of the customer.

Comprehensive technical support and service

We offer our customers a committed sales, service and support team on hand to support them at every stage. The team is available for discussion and coaching to ensure that we deliver a suitable solution for each customer’s needs. We are able to offer all customers who purchase software a comprehensive support agreement that gives them access to technical support from IAR Systems’ high-quality global support organization. With their extensive industry experience, the support engineers are greatly appreciated by customers. The support agreement also guarantees continuous product maintenance in the form of direct access to new product updates.

We also supply the training program IAR Academy, which consists of a number of courses aiming to offer developers a deeper knowledge of programming while maximizing corporate clients’ software investments. IAR Academy includes scheduled courses, customerspecific courses and on-demand courses through a customer portal where customers schedule the course themselves.



Products that streamline automated application build and test processes

An important part of developing embedded systems is compiling code, when the written code is translated to instructions that a processor can understand and carry out. Many companies choose to compile their code in a server environment, often based on Linux. IAR Systems’ build tools for Linux, which launched in 2020, support the implementation of automated application build and test processes in Linux-based server environments. These tool streamline these processes, which makes it possible for organizations to optimize their resources in terms of the time that developers spend on their projects and how they can optimally manage and use licenses and servers. In addition, they help companies make their development more scalable and flexible, something which is becoming increasingly important as digital products become smarter and more complex and feature more functions than ever before.