IAR Systems arranges free technical seminars during embedded world 2013

Technical seminars on C programming, low-power applications and compiler technology are arranged at the nearby Arvena Messe Hotel on Wednesday, February 27

IAR Systems at embedded world 2013 at stand 4-212 (Nuremberg/Germany, February 26-28, 2013)

Uppsala, Sweden—February 8, 2013—At embedded world 2013 at stand 4-212 in hall 4, IAR Systems is showcasing its latest embedded software development tools. For embedded software designers who would like to gain even more in-depth knowhow during the show, IAR Systems offers a half-day series of free technical seminars: On Wednesday morning, February 27, IAR Systems’ experts will hold three 45-minutes-presentations on C programming, power debugging and how to efficiently use IAR Embedded Workbench at the Arvena Messe Hotel just across the street of Messe Nuremberg. Registration for IAR Systems’ free seminars is now open at http://www.iar.com/embeddedworld2013.

From 9 am until 11.45 am, IAR Systems’ technical seminar will introduce the attendees to the new compiler and debugger features, show them the benefits of power debugging and trace, tools for safety critical applications and answer questions about tools for ARM devices, Renesas MCUs, TI MSP430, 8051 and many more.

Session 1: “Writing compiler-friendly code”
In session 1 (9:00 to 9:45 am) Niclas Lindblom, Senior Support Engineer, and Andreas Wallberg, Product Manager, get under the hood of a compiler in “Writing compiler-friendly code”. Here engineers gain some insight to different code generation techniques and learn about best practices for creating fast and compact code.

Session 2: “Visualizing MCU power consumption in a debug environment”
From 10:00 to 10:45 am, Anders Lundgren and Lotta Frimanson, both Product Managers at IAR Systems, will talk about “Visualizing MCU power consumption in a debug environment” and discuss the technical challenges to get reliable power measurements in a debugging environment. They will demonstrate how a debugger can provide power profiles and other methods that allow power consumption to be synchronized with instruction execution.

Session 3: “Keeping safe at C”
For the final session, which starts at 11:00 am and ends the seminar at 11.45 am, “Keeping safe at C” will be the topic of Anders Holmberg, Product Manager. He will explore how some of the inherent dangers of C can be neutralized by adopting a coding standard and accompanying coding guidelines.

Early registration recommended
All seminars are free of charge, but early registration is recommended as space is limited. The registration page is open at http://www.iar.com/embeddedworld2013.

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