IAR Systems expands in Asia

IAR Systems, a subsidiary of Nocom, is expanding in Asia through the opening of a subsidiary in China and the recruitment of additional sales representatives in Japan. Asia is a rapidly growing market for embedded systems development and the company is now raising its sights to capture an even greater share of this market.

“Our ambition is to step up growth in the Asian market by investing in new marketing and sales resources. The establishment of a subsidiary in China and an enlarged sales force in Japan will bring us closer to many of our big customers. This expected to have a positive impact even outside Asia, since a majority of these customers do business globally,” says Olle Eriksson, President of IAR Systems.

Asia is a highly interesting market with its many world-leading high-tech companies. IAR Systems already has a subsidiary in Japan that is active in both sales and support, and is now expanding its sales force in the country. In China, the company has previously worked mainly through distributors but is now opening its own subsidiary to come closer to the customers as a means for increasing sales. In January the company received an order worth SEK 1.1 million from a Japanese customer, with potential for additional sales. IAR Systems’ expansion will improve the scope to further accelerate growth in the Asian market.

”IAR Systems is working actively to strengthen its sales force in potential markets, of which China and Japan are home to many of the existing customers. Nocom intends to continue investing in marketing and sales resources to speed up the rate of growth,” says Stefan Ström, President and CEO of Nocom.