IAR Systems strengthens ARM Cortex-M tools offering with expanded trace capabilities

The new trace probe I-jet Trace for ARM Cortex-M XL adds enlarged memory capacities, enabling a broader view into a system’s real-time behavior in IAR Embedded Workbench

ARM TechCon 2016, Santa Clara, California—October 25, 2016—IAR Systems®, the world-leading supplier of embedded development tools, presents the large-memory trace probe I-jet Trace™ for ARM® Cortex®-M XL. This new probe and the complete C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench® enable developers to analyze much larger execution times than before, and gain a broader debug visibility into embedded applications based on ARM Cortex-M.

Developers spend a large part of their time debugging applications. To ease their workload and improve efficiency during the debugging phase, IAR Systems offers a complete portfolio of in-circuit debugging probes, unlocking powerful debugging and trace features in IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM. With the new I-jet Trace for ARM Cortex-M XL probe, developers get access to non-intrusive trace debugging possibilities with enlarged trace memory capacity of 256 megabytes. This real-time program trace capture buffer enables analysis of extensive execution times, providing a detailed view into a system’s real-time operation, capturing interrupts and enabling precise function profiling and coverage analysis.

“I-jet Trace for Cortex-M XL adds an extra edge for debugging applications based on ARM Cortex-M and provides a broad view into a system’s real-time behavior,” says Mats Ullström, Chief Operating Officer and Product Director, IAR Systems. “Our complete product portfolio of in-circuit debug probes enables and expands the powerful debugging features of IAR Embedded Workbench and gives developers everything they need in one single solution.”

IAR Embedded Workbench incorporates a C/C++ compiler, an assembler, a linker and a debugger into one completely integrated development environment. Powerful add-ons and integrations, including a complete portfolio of in-circuit debugging probes as well as integrated tools for static analysis and runtime analysis, adds additional possibilities to IAR Embedded Workbench. IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM is available in several editions, including a product package that is designed specifically for the ARM Cortex-M core family. In addition to the superior technology, IAR Systems offers extensive world-wide support services. Learn more about the complete offering for ARM at www.iar.com/iar-embedded-workbench/tools-for-arm/.

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