INTOI.s Interim report January-June 2009

Stockholm, Tuesday the 25 of august 2009. INTOI.s Interim report January-June 2009 Stabile development of the result and substantial improved cash flow Deltaco improved profitability with operating margin over 10% The turnover for remaining activity improved with 11 procent and amount to 301, 5 (271, 7) MSEK of which 133, 0 (125, 3) MSEK during second quarter. All holdings show growth for the period. The groups holdings show a result of 29, 8 (27, 0) MSEK of which 10, 6 (8.5) MSEK for the second quarter. Deltaco show an operating margin on 9, 7 over the period and over 10% for the second quarter. IAR Systems has a sales related result improvement for the second quarter. The cash flow from the current activity has improved with 136 procent during the period and 50 procent for the second quarter. The financial position are continued strong with a sequity/assets ratio on 80 /79) procent and own capital per share 55, 07 (52, 73) SEK. - It’s gratifying that the group show growth, profitability and improved cash flow despite recession and insecurity in the market. Our focus on long-time improved profitability have created both financial strength and a stability which is unique – Stefan Skarin, President and CEO in INTO.I - Deltaco impress with a continued improved development of the result despite that the prerequisite are worse then previous year. Extract out from the report January June 2009 Turnover amount to 301,5 (278,0) MSEK · Result from holding amount to 29,8 (27,0) MSEK · Operating profit amount to 19,6 (19,2) MSEK · Operating margin amount to 7 (7) procent · Profit after tax amount to 18,4 (18,6) MSEK · Cash flow from the current activity amount to 1 (10.2) MSEK · Earnings per share amount to1,67 (1,68) SEK · Equity per share amount to SEK For more information, contact: Stefan Skarin, President and CEO INTO.I mobile: +46 708 65 10 05 e-post: