Member of Nocom board increases holding in company

Trygve Angell, a member of the board of Nocom AB, has increased his shareholding in the company. Via his wholly owned company Pidell AS Mr. Angell acquired an additional 150,000 class B shares, including 50,000 from Nocom’s principal owner and CEO Stefan Skarin, bringing his total holding to 192,000 class B shares. Mr. Angell was elected to the board of Nocom by the 2005 annual general meeting and has longstanding international experience in the IT and telecom industries, including eight years working for Oracle. “Nocom showed impressive performance in 2005 and has evolved into a whole different group than before. Today the market offering is based on a competitive mix of profitable IT distribution and software solutions,” says Trygve Angell. “The new Nocom operates in an expansive global market with major potential for additional growth and profitability gains. I look forward to playing an active role in the company’s ongoing development, both in my role as board member and as owner.”