Nocom convenes Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

NOTICE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS The Shareholders of Nocom AB (publ) are hereby invited to an Extraordinary General Meeting on Wednesday the 28 June 2000, at 17.00 hours, in the company's premises, Kristallen, Axel Johanssons gata 4-6, Uppsala, Sweden. Notification of participation Shareholders wishing to participate in the meeting must * be registered on the 16 June 2000 in the shareholders book by VPC AB, * notify their intention of participating in the General Meeting not later than the 26 June 2000 at 16.00 hours, to the address: Nocom AB (publ), Kristallen, SE-754 51 Uppsala, Sweden or by telephone +46 (0)18-65 55 00, or by telefax +46 (0)18-65 55 55, or via the Internet to The shareholder should state his/her name, address, telephone number, personal or corporate Swedish identity number, and his/her shareholdings. Nominee shareholders with portfolio management should request the trustee in good time before the 16 June 2000 to temporarily register the shares in their own name in order to be able to participate at the General Meeting. Qualification documents, such as letters of authorisation and certificates of incorporation, should be sent in before the General Meeting where applicable. Shareholders who wish to be accompanied by one or two assistants must give notification of this in good time, i.e. the same time of notification as for Shareholders. Agenda 1. Opening of the General Meeting. 2. Election of a Chairman of the Meeting. 3. Drawing up and approving the voting list for the Meeting. 4. Approval of the agenda. 5. Appointment of two Adjusters to approve the Minutes. 6. Whether the Meeting has been correctly convened. 7. Election of a new member to the Board of Directors. A number of Shareholders representing at least 65 % of the votes have advised the Company that they intend to propose Per Westerberg to be elected as a new member of the Board of Directors. Otherwise, the members of the Board of Directors should be unchanged. The Company's Nomination Committee has agreed to this proposal. 8. Approval of acquisition of call options. Resolution regarding approval for the members of the Board of Directors to acquire call options for 100,000 shares of series B from Shareholder Anders Jonson. 9. Closure of the General Meeting. Uppsala in June 2000 Nocom AB (publ) The Board of Directors Nocom convenes Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders Nocom's board of directors has decided to summon the shareholders to an Extraordinary General Meeting on Wednesday June 28, 2000, in Uppsala, Sweden. The shareholders are to decide on election of a new member of the Board of Directors and approval of acquisition of call options. Member of the Swedish parliament Per Westerberg has been nominated for a position on the board of directors. Per Westerberg has a broad experience of Swedish industry and growth companies. See also attached notification of summons. For more information, please contact: Tomas Nygren, CEO, Nocom AB (publ), +46 (0)708 - 65 53 16 e-mail: Ola Norberg, Charirman of the Board, Nocom AB (publ), +46(0)708-66 00 50 Nocom AB (publ) was founded in 1985 and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list (NOCM B). Nocom provides companies with e-business solutions for the Internet and wireless networks. The company is based in Uppsala, Sweden with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; and Helsinki, Finland. The Nocom group employs over 180 persons. For further information, visit ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: