Nocom introduces WAP Direct

Nocom introduces WAP Direct - the first WAP application subscription program for corporations on the international market Nocom is today announcing that they have filed registrations for WAP Direct in all EC countries, Switzerland and Norway. Nocom has, together with Europolitan and with support from SEB Enskilda Banken, developed the program WAP Direct to be the first open WAP application subscription program for corporations in the market. It is targeted to help companies take their strategic and mission critical applications into a wireless world, using WAP on existing GSM Networks. "We have invested to build the best solution possible and I believe that this is a breakthrough for deployment of mission critical applications on the WAP- Market" says Anders Jonson, CEO Nocom. "The WAP Direct program is an important part of our effort to be a strong supplier on the expanding wireless market in Europe". WAP Direct is a registered trademark and it has unique features in its implementation. It is: * SECURE - not using the open Internet * FAST - using a direct digital connection * OPEN - available to all customers of operators in the GSM world and tested in Europe. WAP Direct also has a unique registration function, making it possible to develop Push-based applications for customer relationship management. It is built on a Nokia WAP Server platform and handles secure transactions from the WAP terminal directly to the back end system. Something that is not possible using a traditional WAP Gateway solution. "We think that concepts like WAP Direct are very important for the development of viable wireless applications," says Jukka Riivari, Marketing Manager at Nokia Wireless Software Solutions. "Nocom was our first primary business development partner and we endorse their initiative to expand the WAP Direct concept internationally." SEB Enskilda Banken has been one of Nocom's most important clients, while developing the WAP Direct concept. "WAP Direct is giving us a secure and direct channel to build a better relationship with our large wireless customer base" says Mariana Burenstam Linder at SEB Enskilda Banken. "WAP Direct will make it possible for companies to create advanced mobile information services in a very secure way", says Mikael Kluge, Marketing Director at Europolitan. For more information, please contact Anders Jonson, CEO, Nocom AB, Tel: +46 708 - 65 53 01 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: