Nocom obtains 96.2 percent of the shares of IAR Systems - the offer is extended until June 1, 2005

IAR Systems has applied for delisting of the company’s shares Nocom’s public offer to the shareholders of IAR Systems AB (publ) has, at the expiry of the extended acceptance period April 1, 2005, been accepted by shareholders representing 4,880,143 shares, corresponding approximately to 21.4 percent of the votes and capital of IAR Systems. Along with TurnIT’s ownership share of approximately 74.9 percent which Nocom controls, with the inclusion of the finalization of the offer to TurnIT’s shareholders Nocom controls 96.2 percent of the capital and votes in IAR Systems. All perquisites for the acquisition offer have been met, and the Board of Directors decided March 10, 2005 to finalize the offer. IAR Systems no longer meets the relevant listing requirements of the Stockholm Stock Exchange concerning diversity of ownership. In connection with this, the Stockholm Stock Exchange placed the trading of the shares in IAR Systems to the O List, under observation, on March 16, 2005. The Board of Directors of IAR Systems applied on April 4 for delisting of IAR Systems shares on the Stockholm Stock Exchange with the request that the last trading day be April 25, 2005. Nocom announced the compulsory purchase of shares of IAR Systems on March 29, 2005. Compulsory purchase of shares is a normal procedure in connection with public offers when the acquiring company acquires more than 90 percent of the capital and votes in the target company. In order to make acceptance of the offer possible for the remaining shareholders in IAR Systems, the acceptance period has been extended up to 3 p.m. Wednesday, June 1, 2005. Notice of the payment to those who accepted Nocom’s offer during the extension period is expected to begin on or about June 7, 2005. For more information, please contact: Stefan Skarin CEO, Nocom cell: +46 708 65 10 05 e-mail: A prospectus, informational brochures and application forms can be obtained free of charge from Kaupthing Bank, telephone 020-45 64 40, or from Nocom, telephone 018-65 55 00.