Nocom#s TradeVision to develop new cargo concept TradeVision & Braathens signs MOU

Nocom's TradeVision to develop new cargo concept TradeVision & Braathens signs MOU Global provider of Internet-based EDI services to the transport and logistics business, TradeVision - a company in the Nocom Group - has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Braathens, member of KLM's cargo alliance. The two parties will develop a new concept for airline cargo business based on the Internet. The co-operation will comprise the full range of current TradeVision systems covering functions such as; AWB issuance, cargo space control, track & trace, logistics and supply chain management. "Braathens, like most other airlines, is facing a huge challenge in the market to adapt to new information technologies driven by the Internet, e- commerce and e-logistics. Customers demand unified and customised solutions adhering to new industrial standards, often developed by players outside the airline cargo community," Stein-Arve Sørensen, Braathens cargo manager, sales & marketing, said. "Above all, customers require open access to Braathens' cargo systems, including communication venues based on mobile and WAP platforms. Our market comprises a complex entity of forwarders and industrial customers. Two options were open to us: either to initiate an own concept and product development, or implement a new system already available in the market. By signing the MoU with TradeVision, long-term provider of EDI services to Braathens Cargo, we actually managed to have it both ways!" "Under the MoU, TradeVision purports to make available to us any TradeVision system currently available, and future product developments to match our needs. Also, TradeVision undertakes to develop any new functionality as required by Braathens Cargo within a new, comprehensive concept for web-based airline cargo business. Thus, Braathens' need to maintain an own in-house airfreight system will fade." "The new concept will change the whole set-up, from start to end. At the front end, new web-based and mobile communication venues will provide customers with immediate and individualized access to Braathens Cargo, including reservations and bookings. All along the chain of movements, customers will be able to track and trace shipments and exchange information with parties involved. And at the end of the process, TradeVision will provide real-time POD, or discrepancy reports according to customer preferences." "Braathens is seeing a strong growth in volumes this year, with 80 percent of all shipments sold at lead-times between 4-6 hours. Also, 80 percent of all Braathens cargo is now sold within long-term logistics contract with industrial customers. This highlights the stress on cargo space control to optimise the utilization of cargo capacity. All adding to the quest for an integrated, sophisticated and cost-efficient air cargo system, now to be implemented through the partnership with TradeVision," Sørensen said. "Besides rejoicing at the MoU with a treasured, long-term airline customer like Braathens, TradeVision sees this event as an impetus in re-thinking the airline cargo industry. The traditional airline adherence to a complex legacy system to manage the air cargo business has been challenged by Braathens' decision to solve the emerging market needs through partnership," Allan Harsbo, TradeVision senior vice president marketing & sales, said. For further information, please contact: Tomas Nygren, CEO, Nocom AB (publ) Tel: +46-(0)708 - 65 53 16 E-mail: Claes Borglin, CEO, TradeVision Tel: +46-(0)70-582 1248E-mail: Allan Harsbo, Senior Vice President, TradeVision Tel: +45 4046 4445 E-mail: Or visit the web sites: Nocom AB (publ) was founded in 1985 and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange Attract 40 (NOCM B). Nocom provides companies with e-business solutions for the Internet and wireless networks. The company is based in Uppsala, Sweden with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Helsinki, Finland; Copenhagen, Denmark; London, the UK and Warsaw, Poland. The Nocom group employs over 220 persons. For further information, visit About TradeVision Since its formation in 1992, TradeVision has provided EDI and Internet logistic solutions for the transport industry. Today, as a part of the Nocom Group, TradeVision has advanced solutions for e-commerce and links over 100 airlines with over 600 agent offices throughout the world, spanning areas such as Africa, Australia, China, Hong Kong and the USA. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: