Press Communiqué from the Annual Meeting of Stockholders in Nocom AB held on 11 April 2000

Press Communiqué from the Annual Meeting of Stockholders in Nocom AB held on 11 April 2000 * Stock Dividend 4:1 * Employee stock option program * Michael Grimborg new member of the Board of Directors * Ola Norberg new Chairman of the Board of Directors * Authorization for the Board for a new capital issue The Annual Meeting of Stockholders in Nocom AB (pub.), held in Uppsala on 11 April, made the following resolutions: Election of the Board of Directors The following members of the Board were re-elected: Ola Norberg, Anders Jonson, Curt Egerot, Clas Strååt and Bengt Nilsson. Michael Grimborg was elected as a new member. Michael Grimborg is sales and revenues manager at TV4, and is a member of its senior management. Former Board members Tomas Matsson and Hans Åkerblom declined re-election. At the Board meeting following election, Ola Norberg was elected as Chairman. Ola Norberg has been a member of the Board in the company since 1996 and he has many years of international experience in the Telecom and IT industries, e.g. from Ericsson and Enator. Election of Auditors Certified auditors Ingvar Pramhäll and Leonard Daun, both from Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers, were re-elected as company auditors. Cash Dividend The meeting agreed that no cash dividend be declared for the 1999 financial year, as proposed by the Board of Directors. Changes to the Certificate of Incorporation The meeting resolved to restate § 4 of the articles of incorporation as follows: Capital stock shall be at least SEK 18 million and no more than SEK 72 million. Stock Dividend The meeting declared a stock dividend of 4 to 1 in order to increase the Company's stock capital by SEK 21,316,704 from 5,329,176 to SEK 26,645,880. This involves an issue of 21,316,704 new shares, at SEK 1 par value. The new shares include 3,774,504 class A and 17,542,200 class B common stock. Personnel Stock Options The meeting also agreed to issue two IOU, each with 375,000 detachable stock options to purchase new issue common stock. These options can then be purchased at market terms by senior management and other personnel within the Nocom group. They correspond to 375,000 new class B common stock. Authorization The Board of Directors was authorized, until the next general meeting and with the divergence from the stockholders' preferential rights, to make new capital issues of maximum 2.500.000 class B common stock. The Company's objective in departing from current stockholder's preferential rights is to be able to issue stock for acquisitions as well as carry out a directed placement towards capital markets in order to strengthen its capital position. Previous authorizations for new stock issues were terminated. Uppsala 11 April 2000 Nocom AB (pub.) The Board of Directors Next Regular Report The quarterly report for the January to March 2000 period will be issued on 27 April 2000. For additional information, contact: Anders Jonson, CEO Nocom, 0708 - 65 53 01 e-mail: Tomas Nygren, Executive Vice President. Nocom, 018 - 65 55 18 e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: