TradeVision goes trans-Pacific

TradeVision goes trans-Pacific Stockholm, Sweden, September 06, 2000 - TradeVision LogiMan has been selected by two major international companies in the USA and Australia, respectively, to provide supply chain management connecting two continents across the Pacific Ocean. US-based, international freight forwarder and logistics provider, Phoenix International Freight Services Ltd, headquartered in Chicago with 25 branch offices around USA, 13 overseas offices mainly in the Far East, and an extensive agent network selected TradeVision LogiMan for several significant reasons: "Phoenix International's offices and agents constitute a vast network, but so far each unit has relied on an own IT- base, own systems and a range of specific solutions. We clearly needed one decisive tool to knit all Phoenix International offices and partners closely together within one unified network in order to satisfy the needs of our very demanding key accounts", says Bill McInerney, CEO, Phoenix International. "After a thorough evaluation of all current options in the market we selected TradeVision LogiMan. It provides an efficient, fast and inexpensive short cut to full supply chain management, and what is especially important is that it is conceived as a web-based system. No need for fixed communication lines, and no need for a costly IT set-up and subsequent hardware installations." "TradeVision LogiMan is a most sophisticated system, proven in practice by numerous renowned and significant customers world-wide. We expect to implement TradeVision LogiMan within six to eight weeks, initially in our trans-Pacific businesses, but later on a truly global scale," Bill McInerney says. In Australia, and working closely with Phoenix International for a range of global industry accounts, APC Air&Sea Pty. Ltd, headquartered at Melbourne, has also contracted TradeVision to deliver its LogiMan supply chain management tool. APC Air&Sea's IT Strategy Manager, Niels Friis Nyholm has been instrumental in assessing potential options on behalf of both companies: "After a detailed evaluation of alternatives, we shortlisted TradeVision LogiMan as the best supply chain management tool presently available in the market. LogiMan will allow all participants to feed data into a common management system providing shared access to a full documentation of all movements and performances along the entire line from initialisation to finalisation of a business transaction. TradeVision LogiMan is built on a customised database fed by automated status updates and operators' inputs all along the supply chain, providing real-time, validated information on a continuous base," says Niels Friis Nyholm. "Our pilot project at Phoenix International and APC Air&Sea will be to set the system to work on our shared US-Australia-New Zealand traffics for very significant key customers, and once successful performance has been secured, the system will next spread to the rest of the world to the benefit of a growing number of customers at APC Air&Sea," Niels Friis Nyholm says. TradeVision sees the new US/Australian contracts as yet another decisive step in Tradevision's on-going globalisation. "We are highly enthused by these very significant contracts, considered a further step along our road into the global market place for fully automated, Internet-based supply chain management and logistics tools. TradeVision has now started to expand its order tracking routines to allow customers of both Phoenix International and APC Air&Sea to track shipments right down to the part number line," says Allan Harsbo, TradeVision senior vice president sales and marketing. "Taking this step will allow TradeVision to offer a truly unique system, and we are eagerly looking forward to starting operations with these two highly esteemed customers," Allan Harsbo says. Learn more on these companies by visiting: for Phoenix International Freight Services, for APC Air&Sea Pty. Ltd, and for TradeVision AB. For further information, please contact: Niels Friis Nyholm, APC Air&Sea,, phone +61 3 9644 7299 Allan Harsbo, TradeVision,, phone +45 3247 0032 TradeVision has provided EDI and Internet logistic solutions for the transport industry since its formation in 1992. Today, as a part of the Nocom Group, TradeVision offers advanced solutions for e-commerce and links over 100 airlines with over 600 agent offices throughout the world, spanning areas such as Africa, Australia, China, Hong Kong and the USA. In the second quarter of 2000 alone, a further 156 customers on four continents have joined the ever-growing network of TradeVision. TradeVision's head office is located in Stockholm, with branch offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, London and Warsaw. Nocom AB (publ) was founded in 1985 and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange Attract 40 (NOCM B). Nocom provides companies with solutions for the Internet and wireless networks. The company is a full service e- business organisation assisting customers with strategic planning, developing e-business solutions and advanced hosting. Nocom is based in Uppsala, Sweden with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Helsinki (Finland) and London (the UK) . 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