Chairman of the Board Maria Wasing declines re-election at the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Stockholm, Sweden—December 20, 2020— The Chair of the Board of Directors of I.A.R. Systems Group AB, Maria Wasing, has today informed the Nomination Committee that she declines re-election at the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

“I want to be able to spend more time on my operational role as COO / vice president at Axiell, as well as developing companies I have active investments in. I am proud to have been a part of IAR Systems during a period where the company broadened its offering from software tools and services for embedded systems to also include advanced security solutions with a focus on IoT. I look forward to following IAR Systems' continued development "- says Maria Wasing.

Maria Wasing joined I.A.R. System Group AB’s Board of Directors in 2015 and was elected Chairman of the Board in 2017. 
“The Nomination Committee would like to thank Maria for her important contribution and strong commitment as both chairman and member of I.A.R Systems Group Board,” says the Chairman of I.A.R. Systems Group' Nomination Committee, Jonas Eixmann. 

The Nomination Committee continues to work in accordance with its normal process prior to the 2021 Annual General Meeting and will present its proposal no later than in connection with the convening of the Annual General Meeting.

IAR Systems Contacts
Josefin Skarin, Investor Relations, IAR Systems Group AB

The information was submitted for publication at 22.00  p.m (CET) on December 20 2020.