Exercise of warrants and share capital increase

Uppsala, June 30, 2014

The Annual General Meeting May 3, 2011 decided to issue a maximum number of 1,168,856 warrants, each entitling the holder to subscribe for one class B share of IAR Systems Group AB (publ). Warrants of this series, TO4B 2011/2014, has been used by employees to subscribe for new B shares in IAR Systems Group AB (publ).

42,000 warrants were in June 2014 exercised to subscribe for new class B shares.

The share capital in IAR Systems Group AB (publ) is after the registration of the shares for the exercise of warrants SEK 125,765,614 divided among 12,576,561 shares, of which 100,000 A shares and 12,476,561 B shares. The total number of votes in IAR Systems Group AB (publ) is 13,476,561.

When the warrant program ended June 18, 2014 a further 55,500 warrants were exercised to subscribe for class B shares. The registration of these 55,500 new class B shares is ongoing and theses shares are not included in the above share capital and number of shares.