IAR Systems Group AB (PUBL) Interim Report January-March 2013

A quarter marked by stability and new product launches

• Net sales of SEK 57.7m (58.0)
• Operating profit of SEK 8.1m (8.0)
• Profit before tax of SEK 8.1m (7.6)
• Cash flow from operating activities of SEK 1.9m (1.3)
• Net cash at the end of the quarter was SEK 46.7m (30,8)
• Operating margin of 14.0% (13.8) for the quarter
• Earnings per share before dilution and after
current tax amounted to SEK 0.64 (0.62)
• Earnings per share before dilution amounted to SEK 0.53 (0.48) and after dilution to 0.49 (0.48) SEK
• A stronger Swedish krona 2013 compared to 2012 had a negative impact on sales of SEK 4.1m, in a comparison between quarters. Overall growth in local currency for the first quarter was 7%.

Key events after the end of the period
• Launch of certified version of IAR Embedded
Workbench for ARM processors.