IAR Systems simplifies IP Protection and enables mainstream microcontroller device security

Latest version of security development tool C-Trust adds new ready-made Intellectual Property Protection Security Context and extends support to mainstream microcontroller devices

Arm TechCon, San Jose, California—October 8, 2019—IAR Systems®, the future-proof supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, has launched a new version of its security development tool C-Trust™. Version 1.30 adds a new Security Context Profile that automatically includes the configurations needed for basic device security and Intellectual Property (IP) protection. In addition, IAR Systems is very pleased to announce support for several devices from STMicroelectronics’ STM32F4 and L4 families, as well as NXP Semiconductors’ Kinetis K65 and K66 devices. The support of these extremely popular device families enables a huge number of existing applications to now have security integrated, both providing a simplified “on-ramp” to security for many OEMs, alongside enabling a rapid acceleration of security into existing marketplaces.

As embedded applications grow in complexity, software and other IP aspects continue to encompass the majority of a company’s true value. These applications typically contain several man years of development efforts, and if this investment is not protected, it is substantially at risk of becoming stolen and copied, causing severe financial damage and posing an existential threat to companies. By implementing foundation security measures such as encrypting the codebase and setting manufacturing limits, companies can substantially reduce this risk.

C-Trust works as an extension to the development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench® and enables application developers to deliver secure, encrypted code. The tool now includes a ready-made Security Context Profile for IP protection that automatically includes all the necessary security and encryption settings for providing the application with a baseline protection against illegal access and copying. The application code is automatically mastered and encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

For companies who wants to customize or create their own Security Context Profiles, IAR Systems and Secure Thingz offer the recently launched Security from Inception Suite: a unique is a set of tools including the Security Development Environment Embedded Trust®, services and training to aid companies in ensuring they are successful in implementing the right level of security for their specific needs. Learn more at www.securethingz.com

“We have been listening to our customers to understand how we can best help them to start their security transition,” says Stefan Skarin, CEO and President, IAR Systems. “What we have learned is that the need of protecting value in the form of IP is crucial, but at the same time, for those companies that are not ready to move into a secure microcontroller we need to help them find something that supports what they are already developing on. By adding support for some of the most popular microcontrollers used by our customers, we enable our global development partners to easily protect their existing applications, and reach a level of security that is sufficient as a starting point for ensuring their IP is not stolen or counterfeited.”

Version 1.30 of the security development tool C-Trust is now available. Learn more at www.iar.com/ctrust