Logic PD leverages IAR Embedded Workbench for MCU design and development

Product design and development experts opt for tools from IAR Systems for compact code, speed optimizations, reduced bill of materials, seamless project setup and excellent support

Uppsala, Sweden—September 24, 2012—IAR Systems announced today that Logic PD is leveraging IAR Embedded Workbench® for many of its design and development projects spanning industries such as industrial agriculture, consumer, and medical, to name a few. Logic PD, known for its product innovation, has been using the best-of-breed IAR Embedded Workbench for several years as one of its development tools of choice. Logic PD chooses IAR Embedded Workbench year after year because of its superior code density, speed optimization, seamless project setup and excellent support.

Based on EEMBC industry benchmarks, IAR Embedded Workbench has emerged as the strongest development tool suite for generating fast, compact code. IAR Systems’ powerful C/C++ compiler, using patented Multi File Compilation, a technique that enables the compiler to better optimize across the entire application, outperforms competitive offerings, delivering 30 percent denser code than GNU compilers. Thanks to this superior efficiency, Logic PD is able to design products using components with less memory and speed, significantly reducing the customer’s bill of materials in high-volume designs.

“Customers come to us when they need superior engineering expertise,” said Perry McGahan, Vice President of Software Engineering, Logic PD. “We continue to employ IAR Embedded Workbench because of IAR Systems’ broad architectural coverage, tools and excellent support.”

With the ability to discover, design, develop and deliver market-leading products under one roof, Logic PD benefits from the quick project setup capabilities and development workflow of IAR Embedded Workbench. Even when development schedules are tight, Logic PD’s experienced team of engineering problem solvers design and deliver innovative products. IAR Systems’ support further boosts this efficiency by providing reliable and consistent account management. Logic PD has enjoyed more than eight years of service from the same account manager, who has brought a depth of knowledge and level of responsiveness not often found in the industry.

“Logic PD has a stellar track record in the industry, serving as a guru engineering team when it comes to developing breakthrough designs,” noted Robert DeOliveira, Director of Strategic Sales, IAR Systems. “We are honored that IAR Embedded Workbench has played a role in helping Logic PD achieve this reputation. Our ability to deliver best-in-class tools and to provide consistent, immediate support has ensured that Logic PD designs using IAR Embedded Workbench are reliable—a definite plus for products targeting the regulatory and high-volume markets.”

More information about IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM is available at www.iar.com/ewarm.


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