Nocom Distribution to be divided into three units for increased specialization and profitability

Nocom Distribution, the Nocom Group’s original software distribution business, plans to divide its operations into three separate units as a means for increasing specialization and boosting profitability. Information security is the main area where focusing of resources and expertise is needed to establish a leading position in the Nordic market. The other two units will offer IT infrastructure and web analysis products with related services In the past few years Nocom has made major advances in the expansive IT security segment and Nocom Distribution has secured a strong position in the Nordic and Baltic markets thanks to its attractive product portfolio, valuable expertise and close partnerships with world-leading suppliers like Symantec, SonicWALL and Utimaco. Through the formation of Nocom Security, formerly Nocom Sverige, the market offensive will be further intensified with a more clearly defined offering and a coordinated Nordic organization with companies in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Estonia. ”The information security segment offers huge potential for both growth and profitability. But in the face of such fierce competition, we will have better scope for ongoing success as a dedicated information security distributor with Nordic and Baltic coverage,” says Stefan Skarin, CEO of Nocom. The other units are primarily active in the Swedish market where they have well established products, longstanding supplier partnerships and stable profitability. One company offers software and IT infrastructure services, such as host computer access, while the other is specialized in web analysis for marketing-intensive businesses. ”These units represent Nocom’s original core business and in many cases have customer and supplier relationships extending back 20 years in time,” according to Stefan Skarin. ”They work in highly profitable areas of technology where Nocom has documented experience and cutting-edge expertise.” In connection with the restructuring, Nocom Distribution will also begin working more closely with its sister company IAR Systems. The two companies moved into joint premises in Uppsala at the beginning of autumn 2005 and are now in the process of coordinating their resources in finance and accounting, administration and IT. The change will be carried out following union negotiations.