Nocom holds 86.5 per cent of the share capital and 87.7 per cent of the votes in TurnIT

The extended application period for Nocom’s public offer to the stockholders in TurnIT expired on April 28, 2006. TurnIT has been part of the Nocom Group since March 22, 2005, and its share was delisted from the Stockholm Stock Exchange one year ago. Acceptance of the offer at the end of the extended acceptance period on April 28, 2006 Nocom’s offer has been accepted by stockholders representing 1,863,976 A shares and 155,224,298 class B shares in TurnIT, corresponding to approximately 86.5 per cent of the share capital and around 87.7 per cent of the votes. Reporting of payment Reporting of payment to the stockholders who accepted Nocom’s offer during the extended application period ending on April 28, 2006, is expected to begin around May 5, 2006. Extension of the offer The Board of Nocom had decided to give the remaining stockholders in TurnIT continued opportunity to accept the offer, and has therefore extended the application period until 3:00 p.m. on Monday, June 12, 2006.