RSA Security and Nocom launch new service in Scandinavia: Flexible and secure solution for user identification

RSA Security has appointed Nocom e-channel center as a Managed Service Provider (MSP*), and in cooperation with Nocom, is launching a turnkey authentication service - RSA Mobile Managed Service. The service, which safeguards access to web-based resources, is based on RSA Security's two-factor authentication** via SMS. The mobile solution entails smooth and easy password administration with retained high security and substantial flexibility for users. A single-use password is provided in an SMS message to the user's cell phone, eliminating the necessity of keeping track of various passwords, code devices or bothering with scratch card solutions. "To be able to offer advanced security solutions as an independent service opens many new application areas. We already offer complete security solutions implemented at customer sites. Collaboration with Nocom broadens our overall product portfolio, creating good business opportunities through sales to both new and established customers," says David Åberg, Partnership Manager at RSA Security. "Nocom e-channel center's hosting environment, and their experience and expertise in mobile communications, makes them a very attractive partner." RSA Mobile Managed Service gives companies the capability to securely identify users through two-factor authentication without investing in the infrastructure that would otherwise be required. It is thus possible - temporarily or permanently - to provide easily accessible and useful services over the Internet, or intranet, around the clock without endangering security. "Our development work gives customers and partners a new independent mobile security service that will make its break-through during the coming year," says Joachim Orrblad, Managing Director at Nocom e-channel center. "The new service is simple, flexible and cost-effective, providing increased capabilities for businesses and organizations to better utilize the Internet." RSA Mobile Managed Service is packaged as 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36-month service and will be available via authorized partners. At the same time, Nocom was also appointed as a distributor for RSA Mobile as an individual product. * MSP (Managed Service Provider) is RSA Security's designation for the authorized suppliers who have built value-adding services based on RSA Security products. ** Two-factor authentication: Secure identification of a user with two different components - a pin code or password, and a single-use code that is provided, for example, via a code device or SMS. Welcome to our press meeting and demonstration of the service at the Networks Telecom show (Info security), Tuesday, September 23 at 10:00 AM at RSA Security's booth, C05:41. More information on RSA Mobile: and at For more information, please contact: Peter Lämber, Nocom Sales Manager, Scandinavia cell: +46 708-65 53 10 e-mail: Joachim Orrblad, Managing Director, Nocom e-channel center cell: +46 708-66 10 11 e-mail: David Åberg, Partnership Manager, RSA Security cell: +46 70 - 941 4801 e-mail: