Secure Thingz expands security offering with packaged solution to comply with government regulations

Stockholm, Sweden—March 2, 2021—IAR Systems Group AB (publ) (”IAR Systems”) today announced Compliance Suite, providing embedded developers with a simplified path to developing products that are compliant with the IoT Security Foundation Compliance Framework. Compliance Suite is a set of tools and training specifically targeted to provide embedded developers with a shrink-wrapped solution for building applications that are compliant with the European EN 303645, UK & Australian 13 Best Practices, and the evolving US Cybersecurity Improvement Act (NISTIR 8259). Legislation and best practices implementation for IoT products is evolving rapidly and is in effect for example in the UK (NCSC), Singapore and Australia. In the US, this means for example that governmental organizations can only invest in products that comply to these standards.

“We are excited to enable our customers to meet the best practice certification provided by the IoT Security Foundation Compliance Framework,” said Haydn Povey, CEO, Secure Thingz. “We believe that compliance with these best practices is critical in enabling IoT to be successful, in ensuring interoperability based on trust, and ensuring customer confidence.”

 “Helping the design community to implement good security for connected products is at the heart of the IoTSF’s mission and we are very pleased to see organizations such as IAR Systems and Secure Thingz embrace our Compliance Framework”, said John Moor, Managing Director of the IoT Security Foundation. ”The ability to link advanced development tools directly into the framework is a further boost that ensures developers can achieve robust security functionality, while enabling them to focus on their core application requirements.”

The Compliance Suite from IAR Systems and Secure Thingz delivers a set of security development tools to extend the development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench. The Suite includes the security development tool C-Trust, plus a set of Preconfigured Security Contexts for both mainstream microcontrollers and advanced security devices. It importantly also includes a suite of training and support services.