IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR32

The complete development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR32 provides one toolbox in one view, giving you one uninterrupted workflow.


User-friendly IDE

Integrated development environment with project management tools and editor including linker and library tools, example projects and code templates for AVR32.


Powerful build tools

The IAR C/C++ Compiler is a highly optimizing C and C++ compiler for AVR32. It offers configuration files for all AVR32 devices, relocating AVR32 assembler and run-time libraries. In addition, it includes parallel data path recombination to utilize SIMD instructions and Atmel AVR32 ABI compliant.


Comprehensive debugger

The C-SPY Debugger provides a AVR32 simulator, support for RTOS-aware debugging on hardware and AVR32 JTAGICE mkll, JTAGICE3 and AVR ONE! emulator support.


Integrated code analysis

IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR32 provides integrated static code analysis through the add-on product C-STAT, ensuring code quality as well as proving alignment with standards such as MISRA C:2012.

Latest releases

We are constantly updating and refining our tools with new features, new device support and extended capabilities.

Version 4.30


The add-on product C-STAT for static analysis is now supported. C-STAT features innovative static analysis that can detect defects, bugs, and security vulnerabilities as defined by CERT and the Common Weakness Enumeration, as well as help keeping code compliant to coding standards like MISRA C:2012/2004 or MISRA C++:2008.

Parallel build

IAR Embedded Workbench can now build projects using multiple parallel processes. This can improve build performance significantly on multi-core or multiple processor computers. To enable parallel build, select Tools>Options>Project>Enable parallel build.

Stack usage analysis

With stack usage analysis enabled, a stack usage section will be added to the linker map file with listings of the maximum stack depth for each call graph root. The analysis process can be customized to take into account such constructs as calls via function pointers and recursion. The output can optionally be generated in XML format for post-processing activities.

Read complete release notes

Version 4.20

New text editor and source browser

A new text editor and source browser are introduced in this version. The new features include auto completion, parameter hint, code folding, block select, block indent, bracket matching, zoom, and word/paragraph navigation. The new source browser adds features like Go to Declaration and Find All References to symbols.

New license management system

The new LMS used with this release introduces new features like commuter licenses, automatic license activation, and support for virtual servers. It is easier to administrate and a single installer concept enables easy transfer between all variants of IAR Embedded Workbench for a certain product by a license upgrade.

Sampled Graphs in C-SPY

It is now possible to specify variables for which you want to collect data samples. You can view the sampled data either in table format in the Data Sample window or as graphs in the Sampled Graphs window.

Custom SFR window

It is now possible to define custom SFR's (special function registers) in C-SPY with selectable access size and type.

Call Graph window

The new Call Graph window has been added. It is browsable and displays all calls made to and from each function from any source file in the active project.

Macro Quicklaunch window

The new Macro Quicklaunch window makes it possible to evaluate expressions and to launch C-SPY macros. The return value from the evaluated macro or expression is shown in a separate column and the user can re-trigger the evaluation at any given point.

Project connection

Files or file packages generated by external code generation tools can be imported and IAR Embedded Workbench automatically detects changes in the generated file set. This enables automated integration with for example device configuration tools.

Live Watch

The Live Watch window repeatedly samples and displays the values of expressions while your application is executing.

Compiler optimizations

Improved optimizations will give significantly faster execution of target code and smaller code size.

Extended inline assembler

The inline assembler has been extended with the possibility to take input arguments, give return values, and read or write to C symbols. The syntax is similar to the syntax used in GNU GCC.

New devices

ATUC128L3U, ATUC128L4U, ATUC256L3U, ATUC256L4U, ATUC64L3U, and ATUC64L4U

Read full release notes

What type of license do you need?

Our tools are available in a flexible license model to suit your company needs. Together with our support and update agreements, you get the support you need in multiple time zones and multiple languages. Send a request for quote or contact sales to get started.

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User guides and documentation


IAR C/C++ Compilerは、CおよびC++プログラム言語の各種方言や、組込みプログラミング用の様々な拡張機能に対応します(あらゆる実装に対応する言語規格をすべてサポートしているわけではありません)。厳格な規格コンプライアンスに対応するために拡張機能を禁止することも可能です。


ISO/ANSI C/C++ へのコンプライアンス

IAR C/C++ Compilerは、次のようなCプログラム言語規格をフリースタンディングに実装しています。

  • INCITS/ISO/IEC 9899:2018、別名C18 (最新バージョンのみ)
  • IAR C/C++ CompilerはC++17のすべての機能に対応。C++ライブラリはC++14に対応、C++17追加機能のサポートなし。(最新バージョンのみ)

  • ISO/IEC 14882:2015、別名C++14

  • INCITS/ISO/IEC 9899:2012、別名C11

  • ANSI X3.159-1989、別名C89

IEEE 754規格

IAR Embedded Workbenchは浮動小数点演算のIEEE 754規格に対応しています。


MISRA Cは、MISRA (自動車産業ソフトウェア信頼性協会) が開発したCプログラム言語のためのソフトウェア開発規格で、SO規格のC言語で記述する組込みシステムでのコードの安全性、可搬性、信頼性を確保することを主な目的としています。

MISRA C規格の初版「自動車用ソフトウェアでC言語を利用するための手引き(Guidelines for the use of the C language in vehicle based software)」は、1998年に策定されました。2004年には第2版が作成され、規則番号の全面的な見直しなどの重要な変更が数多く行われました。さらに、拡張サポート付きのMISRA C:2012および安全でないコード構造を識別するためのMISRA C++:2008も規格に追加されました。

IAR Embedded Workbenchの特長であるアドオン製品 C-STATによって、MISRA C:2004、MISRA C++:2008、MISRA C:2012が策定した規則への準拠をチェックすることができます。



  • ISO/IEC Cへの準拠を確認するPlum Hall Validationテストスイート
  • C++への準拠を確認するPerennial EC++ Validation Suite

  • IARライブラリのC/C++規格への準拠およびC++規格に対するSTL実装を検証するDinkum C++ Proofer


Hardware debugging and RTOS support

Hardware debugging support

  • Support for JTAGICE3, JTAGICE mkII and AVR ONE! emulator
  • NanoTrace support
  • Flash loader
  • Hardware and software breakpoints
  • USB and serial connection

RTOS support

  • OSEK Run Time Interface (ORTI)
  • Express Logic ThreadX
  • Micrium µC/OS-II
  • Segger embOS

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  • 評価版ライセンスは14日間のみ使用可能です。
  • ランタイムライブラリにはソースコードが含まれません。(バイナリ提供)
  • MISRA C はサポートしていません。
  • テクニカルサポートは対象外です。
  • 製品開発を含む、いかなる商用開発にも使用出来ません。



  • 32Kbyteの制限があります。
  • ランタイムライブラリにはソースコードが含まれません。(バイナリ提供)
  • MISRA C はサポートしていません。
  • テクニカルサポートは対象外です。
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