IAR Systems delivers efficient embedded software building on Linux

Tools with support for Linux further extend possibilities for companies to standardize on tools from the leading embedded development tools provider

Stockholm, Sweden—May 26, 2020— IAR Systems announces that its extensive product portfolio of embedded development tools is now extended with build tools supporting implementation in Linux-based frameworks for automated application build and test processes.

Many server environments are built on the operating system Linux. IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete development toolchain aiding companies in programming of processors in embedded systems. A crucial component in the development process is the compiler that translates the code written by users to instructions that a microcontroller can understand and run. IAR Systems’ compiler technology is well-known when it comes to creating code that is compact and efficient. Many companies choose to compile their code in a server environment, often based on Linux. 

“We are seeing increasing needs among our customers to use our build tools for large-scale deployments of critical software building and testing in infrastructures based on Linux,” comments Anders Holmberg, General Manager Embedded Development Tools, IAR Systems. “Some of the world’s largest corporations as well as tens of thousands of small and mid-sized companies trust us to provide the tools they need when they need them, and we are happy to now provide extended possibilities for automated building and testing. We now take the well-known build tools from IAR Embedded Workbench and make them available on Linux with the same world-leading performance.”

Streamlined development help optimize resources with regards to time spent developing and testing as well as license management and server utilization. By standardizing on flexible and high-performance development tools, companies can benefit from improved license and cost management while improving collaboration and enhancing productivity.

More technical information about IAR Systems’ build tools for Linux is available at www.iar.com/bx.