IAR Systems delivers outstanding speed optimizations for ARM Cortex

Uppsala, Sweden—June 7, 2012—Today, IAR Systems® announces that its high-performing embedded development tool suite IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM® has been enhanced even further and now generates faster code than ever before.

The speed optimizations in version 6.40 results in up to 40 percent faster code compared to the previous version, on standard industry benchmarks for ARM Cortex™-M4. Compared to the open-source GCC compiler, the code generated by the IAR C/C++ Compiler™ is 50 percent faster. One of the benefits of having the shortest possible execution times is the high impact on power consumption. Thanks to its outstanding optimizations and innovative power debugging technology, IAR Embedded Workbench proves to be the ultimate choice for developing low-power applications. IAR Systems also recently launched the in-circuit debugging probe I-jet that enables high-accuracy power measurements and is tightly integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench.

In addition to the high performance for ARM Cortex-M4, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM also reaches extraordinary high scores for other ARM Cortex-based MCUs, including the high-performance ARM Cortex-A8 cores, which are widely used in applications where high speed is of essence.

“We know that having highly optimized code is essential to many of our customers, and they trust us to supply them with the best possible tools.” says Petter Edman, Chief Technology Officer, IAR Systems. “For this version of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, we wanted to make the optimizations even more powerful. We are now able to generate faster code than ever before, and I am extremely proud of the entire team who made it happen.”

More information about IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM is available at www.iar.com/ewarm.

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