IAR Systems Group annual report 2011

The world’s leading provider of software tools for embedded systems

The Board of Directors and the CEO of IAR
Systems Group AB hereby present the annual
report for IAR Systems Group AB and the
IAR Group for the financial year 2011.

 > Net sales for the year were up by 12.6% to SEK
200.4m (177.9).
 > The year’s operating profit from continuing
operations rose by 102% to SEK 24.0m (11.9).
 > Deltaco AB distributed to the shareholders.
 > Northern Parklife AB sold to the company’s
 > Signum Systems Corp acquired.
 > Incentive scheme for the employees.
 > Growth in all regions.
 > Enhancement of the offering.
 > improved market position.

The Annual General Meeting of IAR Systems Group
AB (publ) will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 24 April
2012, at Strandbodgatan 1, Uppsala, Sweden.
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