IAR Systems supplies starter kits for industrial applications-targeted microcontrollers from Toshiba semiconductor

Uppsala, Sweden—January 23, 2012—IAR Systems® today announces the availability of two starter kits for the M360 group of semiconductors from Toshiba.

The M360 group is part of the Toshiba TX03 microcontroller series, based on ARM® Cortex®-M3 technology. This group targets a wide range of applications in the areas of industrial control, office automation, and digital consumer applications, such as multifunction printers, audiovisual systems, industrial equipment, and digital appliances. The M360 microcontrollers are suitable for applications where high-performance, minimum power consumption, component count, high-capacity data storage, and high levels of connectivity are key design criteria.

IAR KickStart Kit™ for TMPM364 includes the TMPM364-SK evaluation board equipped with LCD, USB host and CAN connectors, IAR J-Link Lite debug probe, software tools, and example applications made for the evaluation board. The part number is KSK-TMPM364-JL.

IAR KickStart Kit for TMPM366 is the first starter kit on the market for the TMPM366 device. Included are the TMPM366-SK evaluation board with a USB device, IAR J-Link Lite On-board, software tools, and example applications made for the evaluation board. The part number is KSK-TMPM366.

Included in the software is the high-performance C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM, in 32K Kickstart and 30-day Evaluation editions. Starter kits from IAR Systems provide all the software and hardware needed to design, start developing and test embedded applications, and are available for a large variety of different microcontrollers from several different manufacturers.

Both starter kits are in stock and available for order from the IAR Systems e-shop. Details are available at www.iar.com/kits.

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