Nocom and Intentia in Strategic WAP Joint Endeavour

Nocom and Intentia in Strategic WAP Joint Endeavour Intentia offers its customers the opportunity to use WAP technology for various functions in Movex©. These WAP and SMS services are developed in co-operation with Nocom, and will at first be offered mainly to the companies' Nordic customers. Nocom AB (publ) and Intentia International AB have initiated a strategic joint undertaking with the purpose of offering the market a complete package solution for WAP applications. The solutions are based on Nocom's WAP Direct and Intentia's enterprise application Movex, a platform for business-to-business e-collaboration. This joint project will give customers a quick and safe solution. All customers will be offered direct access to Movex through WAP-enabled cellular phones. In the first phase, the solution will be available for service technicians who need fast access to interactive information in order to successfully meet their service deadlines. In subsequent phases, additional functions will gradually be made available for all Movex users. Johan Berg, CEO Intentia Research & Development AB, comments, "WAP technology will increase mobility for everybody in a company. By making Movex accessible through mobile clients we create a powerful solution that supports the company's efforts to increase efficiency and make it possible for personnel operating in the field to access critical information interactively in Movex. With Nocom's broad competence within WAP technology, we can create a safe platform, enabling our customers to use their systems regardless of time and place." WAP Direct is one of the first business concepts of its kind on the market. The system makes it ease to deploy and run advanced mobile information services. WAP Direct , which has been developed by Nocom and Europolitan, uses Europolitan's infrastructure to connect a company's system with its mobile customers, regardless of which operator the customer is using. WAP Direct ensures fast and secure access to Movex and allows access to services from all countries that support data transmission via GSM. Movex offers advanced functions for B2B (business-to-business) Collaborative Commerce, including applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Performance Management (BPM), and Supply Chain Planning (SCP). "It is our ambition to work with Intentia to create reliable, yet simple mobile solutions for all Movex users," says Anders Jonson, CEO, Nocom. "The fact that Intentia- one of the world leaders in the market for enterprise applications- has chosen our WAP Direct platform for the implementation and operation of their customers' WAP applications is significant recognition and an excellent international reference." For further information, please contact: Anders Jonsson, CEO, Nocom AB Tel. +46-708-65 53 01 Stefan Edholm, Director of Business Development, Nocom AB Tel. +46-708-65 10 57 Johan Berg, CEO Intentia Research & Development AB Tel. +46-8-5552 5613 Thomas Ahlerup, Director of Information, Intentia International AB Tel. +46-8-5552 5766 Mobil. +46-708-545 666 Fax. +46-8-5552 5999 Nocom AB (publ) was founded in 1985 and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list (NOCM B). Nocom provides companies with e-business solutions for the Internet and wireless networks. The company is based in Uppsala, Sweden with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; and Helsinki, Finland. The Nocom group employs over 180 persons. For further information, visit ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: