Nocom Drift broadens collaboration with Stockholm County Council

Nocom Drift has signed a new contract with the Stockholm County Council for hosting and support of several websites for Drug Management and Informatics. The contract represents a widening of the collaboration between Nocom Drift and the Stockholm County Council that was initiated at the beginning of 2002. "Our goal is to increase accessibility to our websites at the same time as we free resources. To achieve this, we are now letting Nocom Drift take total responsibility for the platform rather than only handling hosting for a number of servers," says Tommy Säll from the Stockholm County Council's pharmaceutical unit. "We are seeking stability and economic efficiency for our operations. Our earlier collaboration with Nocom Drift has proven that we can attain cost control, while at the same time, retaining the dynamics that our applications demand." Drug Management and Informatics has several strategically important websites. is the county council's website for producer-independent pharmaceutical information and is oriented to doctors and healthcare workers. E-recept Stockholm ( is a project being conducted in close collaboration with the Swedish pharmacy chain Apoteket AB, with the goal that doctors will write and transfer prescriptions electronically. Together with all county councils and regions, the Stockholm County Council is also participating in SIL, a national project that provides access to an information database for pharmaceuticals ( Nocom Drift is now taking total responsibility for the hosting of all of these websites. Nocom Drift already handles hosting for other applications at Drug Management and Informatics, as well as for the Internet healthcare portal Vårdguiden and the county council's electronic catalog service EK. For all of these websites, there are stringent demands on both operational security and system accessibility. "That Drug Management and Informatics is now expanding collaboration with Nocom Drift and letting us take greater responsibility is an acknowledgement of the trust we have built up. With this contract, we further strengthen our position at the county council," says Göran Medin, Managing Director for Nocom Drift. For more information, please contact: Göran Medin Managing Director, Nocom Drift cell: 0708 - 66 10 10 e-mail: