Nocom integrates Arete Internet to its services offer

Additional synergies after the acquisition of TurnIT

Arete Internet moves its operations to Nocom Drift in Solna on May 10, 2005. Both companies have offers that complement each other well. Arete Internet is one of the companies that was included in the TurnIT group which was acquired by Nocom this spring. Through sharing premises in Nocom’s operations hall in Solna, the Group's services offer is strengthened and at the same time the operations can be run more cost-effectively. In conjunction with these developments, Arete Internet will change its name to Nocom Networks AB. "Significant expertise exists in both companies and I foresee good possibilities to strengthen and develop our respective offers," commented Fredrik Thelander. "We can utilize each other’s platforms for communication and operations. We can thereby broaden our range of products and services, and at the same time we can hold down the expenses through economies of scale which the integration will make possible." Arete Internet offers companies and private individuals communication solutions in the form of broadband connections and telephony. In addition, it offers services such as e-mail and web hosting, firewall solutions, VPN and solutions for secure transfers over the Internet. "From the beginning we recognized that there existed clear synergies in Nocom Drift's and Arete Internet's offers. Although the companies will continue to work in the future under their own trade names, there is much to gain via sharing of premises, infrastructure and other resources," comments Stefan Skarin, CEO of Nocom. "This strengthens the new Group's offering within expert services, and increases the potential for profitability and growth." For more information contact: Fredrik Thelander, CEO, Arete Internet AB mobil: 0702 - 69 62 22 e-mail: Stefan Skarin, CEO, Nocom mobil: 46 - 708 - 65 10 05 e-mail: