Nocom - one of the winners in the UMTS license awards

Nocom - one of the winners in the UMTS license awards Nocom consolidates its position, as Europolitan's network becomes the market's most future-proof alternative for mobile business solutions The decision on Saturday to award Europolitan one of the four UMTS licenses for third generation mobile telephony gives Nocom AB, a close partner of Europolitan, tremendous market advantages. "Europolitan's early focus on the corporate market gives both Nocom and Europolitan an enormous head start on its competitors in terms of the development of the mobile Internet in the Swedish market," says Anders Jonson, founder of Nocom. "Following an EU decision last spring, operators will be forced to allow third party players to access the wireless networks, which means that only networks that are compatible with GSM, GPRS and UMTS can be profitable within a reasonable time frame." Together with Europolitan, Nocom owns Mobile Relations AB, which markets and sells mobile Internet services to the corporate market. Mobile Relations combines all the resources of a leading mobile operator with the knowledge of an IT company about how to build efficient intranet and extranet solutions. Through Nocom, Mobile Relations is able to utilize and sell capacity in the Europolitan network and is one of the world's first virtual operators focusing on mobile business solutions. The company is 49 per cent owned by Nocom and 51 per cent owned by Europolitan. "We are delighted that Europolitan has succeeded in consolidating its leading position in the market as the most future-proof network for mobile business solutions," says Tomas Nygren, CEO of Nocom. "Our decision to co-operate with Europolitan provides our customers with the market's best and most competitive solution. We can now concentrate on corporate mobile solutions, and these will be brought into operation step by step using GSM, GPRS and then UMTS, thus ensuring that both we and our customers are winners." For more information, please contact: Anders Jonson, Member of the Board of Mobile Relations AB and founder of Nocom Mobile: +46 708 65 53 01 e-mail: Tomas Nygren, CEO, Nocom AB (publ) Mobile: +46 708 65 53 16 e-mail: You are also welcome to visit our web site at Nocom AB (publ) was founded in 1985 and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (NOCM B). Nocom provides companies with e-business solutions for the Internet and wireless networks. The company is based in Uppsala, Sweden with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Helsinki, Finland; Copenhagen, Denmark; London, the UK and Warsaw, Poland. The Nocom group employs approximately 230 persons. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: