Nocom Security – a strong player in the Nordic information security market

Nocom is increasing its focus on the expansive IT security market by moving its offering and capabilities in this area to a separate company, Nocom Security. ”Our goal is to be the Nordic region’s leading distributor of information security solutions. We are already working closely with resellers throughout the region and are now taking measures to develop and strengthen our business relationships,” says Anders Vallenfjord, President of Nocom Security. ”By forming a separate company we can concentrate our resources in a whole different way. We have the market’s best information security software and expertise in this area. More and more companies are seeking comprehensive solutions to protect their IT environments. Together with our suppliers, resellers and partners, we are prepared to meet this demand and grow.” In the past few years Nocom has made major advances in the expansive IT security segment, which has been a key driver for expansion and today accounts for three fourths of Nocom Distribution’s total sales. The company has secured a strong position in the Nordic and Baltic markets thanks to its attractive product portfolio, valuable expertise and close partnerships with world-leading suppliers like Symantec, SonicWALL and Utimaco. Through the formation of Nocom Security, the market offensive will be further intensified with a more clearly defined offering and a coordinated Nordic organization with companies in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Estonia. ”Symantec has been collaborating successfully with Nocom for several years and has benefited both from Nocom’s knowledge of information security and their excellent market coverage,” says Torgny Gunnarsson, Nordic Manager at Symantec. ”We are impressed with the way Nocom is targeting information security and see good opportunities for closer collaboration in the future. We also anticipate wider scope for additional joint business with companies demanding superior solutions for total IT security.” Fredrik Arveskär, SonicWALL’s Nordic and Baltic Regional Manager, is also positive about the new organization. ”We at SonicWALL look forward to the increased focus on IT security resulting from Nocom’s new structure. This will further enhance our already strong relationships in the Nordic region and extend the reach of our products and message in each of the Nordic markets.”