Nocom's Tradevision wins global contract with Maersk Logistics

Nocom's Tradevision wins global contract with Maersk Logistics Global provider of Internet-based EDI services and multi-modal communications to the transport and logistics business, Tradevision has won a global contract with Maersk Logistics to implement LogiMan, and Tradevision's message switch with the company. Tradevision LogiMan is a sophisticated, Internet-based supply chain management tool, including automated status update functionalities, track and trace, automated distribution of information among authorised parties, and a full range of customised logistics services. Tradevision's multi-modal message switch provides seamless interchange of messages between business parties, regardless of differences in formats or protocols, and grants flawless communication with all major airlines. Integrated within Maersk Logistics' M*Power IT-environment, all Maersk Logistics offices around the world will gain immediate benefits from and universal access to the Tradevision systems' capabilities. "Global logistics require us to provide local presence wherever our customers request it, and a comprehensive range of logistics service products to match our customers' needs. IT has become a competitive parameter, and plays a crucial role in facilitating the interchange of information with our customers, between all parties involved at any stage in the supply chain, and between all Maersk Logistics' offices," Soren K Brandt, Maersk Logistics managing director and Chief Executive Officer, said. "We consider this contract with Maersk Logistics a major achievement and are happy to work even closer with a renowned customer like Maersk Logistics," Allan Harsbo, Tradevision senior VP global sales & marketing, said. "The two parties are no strangers to each other, though: Several Maersk Logistics offices around the world already use Tradevision's forwarding system, PC-Pro. And the new Tradevision facilities now to be added will work both on the PC-Pro basis, and with a software application on Maersk Logistics' AS/400 platform as well," Harsbo said. For further information, please contact: Jan Markill, Sales Manager, Denmark Tel: +45 32 47 00 43 Cell: +45 40 13 00 66 E-mail: Clas Strååt, President, Tradevision Tel: +46 8 508 882 36 Cell: +46 708 66 10 43 E-mail: Tradevision has provided EDI and Internet logistic solutions for the transport industry since its formation in 1992. Today, as a part of the Nocom Group, Tradevision offers advanced solutions for e-commerce and links over 100 airlines with over 600 agent offices throughout the world, spanning areas such as Africa, Australia, China, Hong Kong and the USA. Tradevision's head office is located in Stockholm, with branch offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, London, Warsaw, Riga, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Los Angeles. Nocom AB (publ) was founded in 1985 and helps companies navigate profitably through changes in technology. We help maximize the benefit to business of having important information available on users' terms. Nocom offers solutions and services for e-business via the Internet and mobile networks. The head office is situated in Uppsala, Sweden. Nocom has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list (NOCM B) since 1999. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: