IAR Build Tools for Linux for Renesas RH850, Functional safety

Our build tools for Linux for RH850 are functional safety-certified!


Certified by TÜV SÜD

Certified build chain by TÜV SÜD and validated according to IEC 61508, ISO 26262, IEC 62304 and EN 50128/ EN 50657.


Flexible and high performance

Suitable for installations ranging from a few licenses on a small build server, to massive installations with several hundreds of parallel builds active at the same time.


Support for entire product lifecycle

A special Functional Safety Support and Update Agreement guarantees support for the sold version for the longevity of the contract.


Modern, scalable workflows

Support for modern and scalable build server topologies for CI/CD pipelines including Virtual Machines, Containers (Docker) and Self-hosted Runners.

Functional safety certification

IAR Build Tools for Linux for Renesas RH850, Functional safety, is a special edition of IAR Build Tools for Linux for Renesas RH850 which is certified by TÜV SÜD according to the requirements of a number of functional safety standards. The certification validates the quality of IAR Systems’ entire development processes, as well as the delivered software.

These standards are covered:

IEC 61508

IEC 61508 is the international umbrella standard for functional safety. The standard, and standards derived from it, is used within all kinds of industries with requirements on reliability and safety, for example process industries, the oil and gas industry, nuclear power plants, machinery, and railway control systems.

ISO 26262

ISO 26262 is used for automotive safety-related systems.

EN 50128 and EN 50657

EN 50128 and EN 50657 are European standards for safety related software in railway applications. The standards are derived from IEC 61508. 

IEC 62304

The international standard IEC 62304 is a standard which specifies life cycle requirements for the development of medical software and software within medical devices.

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Support and Update Agreement

With the Functional Safety editions of our products, there is a special Functional Safety Support and Update Agreement.


The Functional Safety Support and Update Agreement (SUA) is a special version of our standard SUA. It contains:

  • Guaranteed support for the sold version for the longevity of the contract
  • Prioritized technical support
  • Validated service packs containing only fixes to known issues and information about issues
  • Regular reports of known deviations and problems

IAR Systems supports a specific certified version as long as there are users with active support and update agreement on that version.

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